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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Blog 4 Peace Day NOV 4, 2017 ~ Finding Peace In Overwhelming Times

Welcome to the 12th year of peace blogging in the Blogosphere. BlogBlast For Peace  (aka Blog 4 Peace) is held annually on November 4.  We'd love for you to join us.

This year's theme is...

Finding Peace in Overwhelming Times

Tell us your stories. Send in your peace globes.  YOUR experience in the midst of whatever trying circumstances you've walked through, can shine a light of hope for others who might be searching for a way out of their own darkness.

It seems that every calamity known to mankind is visited upon our planet all at once right NOW. Do you know that feeling? The struggles I'm seeing in the world appear magnified in scope this year, capable of stealing our joy, our happiness, our peace. One catastrophe doesn't end before a new calamity begins. We are daily putting out fires to simply maintain our existence and sanity.  Global sanity is in short supply this year.  I've noticed the toll our societal woes, natural disasters, mass shootings, and the never-ending political battering is taking on people in their private lives. Depression Poverty. Illness. Grief. Addiction. Joblessness. War. Famine. Hurricanes. Fires. Climate Social media bullying. Divorce. Uncertainty. Discrimination. Despair. Refugees. Suffering. Domestic terrorism. Human trafficking. Shrinking health care or no health care. Nations on the brink of nuclear war. Personal anxiety at an all-time high.  Financial lack. Corruption. Injustice. Rioting. You Name It We've Seen It in 2017. Angry angry people everywhere. Incredible STRESS. 

People are discouraged.
People are worried.

And yet, the power in this movement has always been the power in our words.
Look at the header of this page - "If words are powerful...then this matters." That's been our motto since November 2006.  I believe it even more in the year 2017.

I flew the 1st one in 2006.
This year, let's ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and UPLIFT each other with well-chosen words, personal stories, and our beautiful peace globes - the symbol we use to declare we are peace bloggers! 

There are 214 countries/territories involved in this movement - on blogs and all manner of social media.  Every continent is represented. 

This year we are going deeper. 
I'm asking that you embrace your own vulnerability and figure out how you personally handle adversity. Because we all need a plan. A cure. A soft place to fall. 
  Ask yourself: How do I stay peaceful in the middle of chaos? What do I do when my world falls apart? Do I run? Do I hunker down and hide? Or do I find a way through to the other side? Maybe you're struggling to even answer those questions. That's OK. If you don't know the answers to those four questions, then it's time you take inventory and figure out a reliable go-to remedy....because you surely have one.  Whether it's healthy or destructive, you have one. 
And in the current climate of calamity on planet Earth, we could all use a dose of good common sense strategies.    I'll bet we can come up with some pretty awesome practical solutions to manage stress during this craziness.  

Use the next 30 days to think about this question -   

 How do I find peace in overwhelming times? 

In a world that's adrift with constant anxiety and unpredictability, that Latin 3-word mantra prayer we've been uttering all these years on our peace globes is needed more than ever: 
Dona nobis pacem

We forward to seeing you on November 4th. Click the links on this page for templates and complete instructions on how to get a peace globe and participate.  Or visit us on the Blog4Peace Facebook Page.  

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