Sunday, September 11, 2016

Safe Septembers

Do you remember the days before September 11, 2001?
 Weren't they glorious?


I wish my eyes had never seen a plane fly into a building and devilish billows of smoke.
I wish my ears had never heard screams of pain and screams for help.
I wish my heart had never constricted at the sight of people jumping from flames.
I wish my child never had to learn that Septembers are not safe
and life is fleeting simply because hate lived one horrible day.

But I  know that in that time frame of hell on earth in the days that followed, I also saw humanity rise to a level I'd never seen before. While the perpetrators meant to divide, we stood united. Empathy flowed. Kindness reigned. Nobody took to the streets. 
We took care of each other.

And in that regard when you get right down to it, 
that's always safe.

As with any epic tragedy, as time passes, senses often dull and memories fade into fact and lore, so-sads and history books. My hope is that we not only continue to honor and remember, but that 911 has also propelled us into a new era of empathy and an urgent intensity for the cause of peace.  Borne of unfortunate necessity and clouded by unspeakable violence, we were forced to hold a mirror to a clear September sky and look squarely into the face of evil so perverse it stands mocking 15 years later. Out of the ashes and fire, a certain universal passion dropped in our laps for the thins in our lives that really matter. 
Speak for peace.
It matters.
Until we are safe

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautifully said, Mimi.

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