Sunday, December 13, 2015

Monday Mimisms ~ Christmas and All Those Traditions

So. It's Christmas. Almost
And I am in the spirit as they say....
I decided to put my hat on.

Hang a few stockings.
Buy a few stockings (oh, no..... wait.... that's another blog post altogether) and generally get ready for Santa to make an appearance.  My family will be here with me in Bloggingham over the weekend.  And we will do our Christmas traditions. I will cook. They will eat. Candles will burn. Trees will be lit all over the palace! My mother will make a Hummingbird Cake. It's tradition. I will make a 7-Layer-Salad for my brother. It's tradition. The baby will play with the cardboard boxes instead of the toys. Tradition.

Not that I make much of Christmas really...I have a pink tree, a green tree, a red tree, a blue nativity ornament tree and all manner of little bitty trees with white lights everywhere. A Santa tree. A snowman tree. Oh! And a children's tree with wooden ornaments and music boxes.  Every person in the house MUST have a box of cheap chocolate covered cherries. Let's all say it together... It's tradition. Then there's the ever-growing lighted Christmas village.

I really hardly notice Christmas is here.
What will Santa bring this year?
I have been good ya know....
Very good.
 You don't believe me do you.....

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