Saturday, October 3, 2015

30 Days of Love: Day 1 ~ Spirit Rocks

Somebody said it was almost time to blog for peace.
That somebody was me.
Somebody challenged folks to write about love for the next 30 days.
That somebody was me.

So, I will attempt my own challenge!
Day 1 has to begin with the question: Who is your person?
Who is the person who inspires me? Who is the person I always turn to when I need a kick in the pencil skirt? Who is the person who inspires me to love? That person has been long gone, but you know him well. He is my grandfather, my Papa.  I dedicate the first day of love blogging to him. And to the marvelous marbles he left me. Those very stones carry the weight of love between us. They also became the symbol of a peace movement. 

When Baby Boy was four, I asked him to examine them with his trusty magnifying glass.
I handed the marbles to him without saying a word.
After some time of careful inspection and thought, he looked at me with all the seriousness of a 4-year-old rocket scientist and announced, "They're spirit rocks."

"Spirit rocks," I said, with a sense of awe. Had I heard him right?
"Yep. They're spirit rocks."

Then he unceremoniously went on his way as if everyday presented itself with magical stones.

How far did the love of my Papa travel that day?

His love flew straight down through galaxies and realms without saying a word. Across mountain tops and skies of Cherokee birds flying top-wing and crooked through branches and veins of love worn ancestors, right into the hard glass table where love sat down to call forth magic. I was there. I saw it.
Did you?

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