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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Mimisms ~ I Had Two Friends

When you follow and fall in shadows
darkness seems to blind the light

You only see slivers and glimpses
afraid to walk through a curtain of 

that only the purest light
can  illuminate

You see it 
in the distance
but you don't want it

because Standing in darkness
is safer
 "Trade your salvation for fear," whispers darkness
mercy flees and you're lost

Today I had two friends
who stood in the light for me
on a day I couldn't see
They  paved a path 
made wholly of love

and laid out a plan 
so that I could find my feet

Brilliant Light can uncover
pain so deep
that it bores a fiery hole in your armor
soon you find a crack where joy leaks out
 Who can afford to lose joy?

So, I reached.

"Don't worry," one said. "I pray for you now. Let me be your intercessor. I will stand in the gap for you. I will be your light. I'm here."

"Don't worry," said the other. "You are more than enough. But I will hold a torch for you in the tower of darkness. Just until you're safe. I don't mind. I am here to catch you, Dear."

 Soon my way was clear
and I walked into mercy again
But for a moment.... Just one brief beautiful glimpse of a moment
I let myself stand wholly in the darkness

I knew
they would not let me 
and that was the most beautiful space
of all

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Michelle said...

Beautiful, but just made worrywary me ...worry. LOL Are you okay?


Debbie said...

This is beautiful and now worrywaryme Michelle just made worrywary me concerned as well. I hope you are okay, Mimi ♥

ShannonW said...

I agree with the above comments...this is very beautiful. And for me it hits home. Sending you love and prayers Mimi!

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