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Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Miss Blogging

I miss blogging. I miss my blog. I miss Mimi Writes. I miss Homer The Palace Dog and Persian Patticakes, my imaginary cat. I miss all the characters I created here....Mimi Queen of Memes, Mimi Pencil Skirt... Sometimes I even miss the Dungeon! They gave me an outlet to write dialogue outside of myself, find another voice and become a character.  Acting and improvisation is so much a part of my professional side in the workplace. Performing and play-acting, singing and teaching. It's only natural I would enjoy becoming a character on the blog. This blog is a reflection of who I am. 
Today, I'm feeling...well....reflective.

As I've been organizing and editing lately, I've noticed just how much the blog has been an evolution of me, a culmination of who I am, how very much of myself I left here. 
Many faces rolled into one half-face woman revealed more of me than I anticipated at times. Some posts are startling to read. Some feel like a literal lifetime ago. Such changes have occurred in my life! How my babies have grown up (Baby Boy is in the 5th grade. Baby Beans is three already!)
There are serious posts about my family, my dad, my Papa, my struggles, my love life, my thoughts. There are crazy posts about the unlikely (yet likely!) situations I find myself in.  There are rants and silliness too. 
Peace writing and the Dona Nobis Pacem movement began right here on this blog. 

 My heart is on this page. 

Oh, but I did say once upon a time that the only way to write is to be fully vulnerable....did I not? I still believe that. The question becomes, however, how much of your private life are you willing to make public? Not so much these days. So I must find a way to do that more discreetly if blogging is to continue for me. 
As I want it to. Hmmmmm....

Ummm...really Mimi?
Let's talk about Facebook. At first, I reluctantly embraced the energy that is Facebook.  Now my posts are syndicated there via Networked Blogs, which pulls everything all together all the time. You can find my posts HERE and follow if you wish. Please let me know if your blog is there so that I can follow you.  I have a page for the blog as a Writer and another page as The Blog only.  And a profile as ME. I hope you will Friend me.  Why so many places? Because if you don't claim your name and brand on social media, someone else will.  You can diversify your audience greatly and still be one and the same. Pretty cool.  It's a great way to keep up with so many of my blogging buddies in one place. I must admit that I do love the immediate feedback and conversations in my Facebook stream.  You are all a riot!! Most of my former blogging friends are there. It's fun and engaging. When I post a blog post from here, you usually comment THERE, which is different than getting comments here on the page. I'll take either. But it has taken some getting used to.

Facebook has been wonderful for Peace Globes. The daily reach and gain of new people is invaluable. We are  approaching 33,000 and counting on the peace page with 210 countries/territories represented so far. And that is fantastic! YOU have shared and re-posted and made that happen. Thank you. If you haven't joined the Blog4Peace page, please do!! Click here.
 BUT I still miss blogging.

The question: How can I maintain the blog and still work on book chapters too?  I'm not sure. I do know that getting more of my work published is first and foremost in my mind right now. 
But I still miss blogging.

From blog to bookstore is pretty darn cool.
I've gotten to know you and your families, many times not even realizing until after many moons of conversing and "liking" posts elsewhere in the Blogosphere, that you are who you are!  Some secrets I've been asked to keep. And I do.  Often folks do not want the blog and their Facebook persona to meet. I get that. The twain shall not meet. 

The upside? I would never have known some of you as well without social media. I am thankful for that. We've gone on to publish books and manuscripts, start businesses, branch out into new careers/opportunities, creating business pages there with Twitter accounts to correlate and on an on. You have created successful radio shows, cooking blogs...become newspaper columnists, media convention speakers, written best-selling articles and books. E-books and Kindle books too!  You are running award-winning hotels, traveling the world, starting non-profits for the good of mankind, finding and founding good in the world, sharing and expanding your lives in an ever-claustrophobic planet. Social media at its best? No. PEOPLE at best. We might as well harness the good. Right?
 And yes, we've become hashtags. And brands.

But that's not as bad as it sounds. I would never know of some of your successes without the real-time streaming posts of Facebook and Twitter.  It makes me proud to see how well many of you are doing in your personal and professional lives. Most of us started as mere bloggers.

    Can we bring the blogging power back? Is it coming around full-circle again? 
I hope so. 
Because I miss you.
I also believe more profoundly than ever, that words are powerful. What we've done in the realm of peace globes since 2006 is phenomenal. And those images keep capturing the attention of people everywhere. Words.
 I hear your voices there.

Call me!

I do miss Mimi blogging. And I must find a balance.
I'll be around. Starting tomorrow evening with Monday Mimisms
Be there if you can stop saving the world for a minute.

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Frank Sirianni said...

Thank the Bloggods! It was getting really lonely down here in the dungeon. Homer plays hookie from dungeon guarding way too often and the imaginary cat, well has too vivid an imagination--scary. My only inmate friend was given a day pass that has lasted 3 years--oops, I don't think I was supposed to say he escaped. It's just really good to have the Queen back. It will smarten Homer up anyway.

Foxxfyrre, Blog Thief of Bloggingham.

Princess said...

I miss blogging, too! I just couldn't find the rhythm to write. I wish I can start again, just like you, Mimi, Queen of Bloggingham!

ShannonW said...

I was in that dungeon quite a few times! hehe

I miss you and all the fun stories and I miss Homer!

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! It will certainly be nice to have you back again. Even if you haven't got it all figured out. :)

Anonymous said...

I miss blogging too. I feel FB is less of a "home" feeling. There is only so much time in a day. Balance is impossible when it comes to time. But when it comes to emotions, THAT is where I need the balance. Being authentic online is magnetic and at the same time, risky. Being vulnerable online feels more scary than in real life, even. But living without authenticity and vulnerability doesn't feel worth being alive. Where and when to protect one's self is an open question. Being safe and being full and alive...THAT is a balancing target. Sandra

Mimi Lenox said...

Frank~ - I've missed you too! I hope you won't be lonely anymore.
How did you escape?

I didn't leave enough food, did I....

Mimi Lenox said...

Princess - Just start. We'll find the words somehow. I neeeeeed you.

Mimi Lenox said...

Shannon - Yes, you were! But it's been so long I've forgotten what you did. Something about missing a meme probably.

I'll try to think of some funny stories by tomorrow evening. Hmmmmmm

I've missed you too.

Mimi Lenox said...

meowmeowmans - How nice of you to say. Well, I never was one for waiting 'til I had it all figured out anyway.
I'll just write whatever pops in my pencil head. That usually works.

It seems the less I'm censored the better people like it.
I'll be over to see you!

Mimi Lenox said...

Anonymous - You hit the nail on the head. "less of a home feeling" - THAT IS IT. Thank you for putting words to my very thoughts.

Authenticity is not to be trifled with. No good writer can live without it. And it can't be hidden from view. Well said.

Travis Cody said...

I know I miss you blogging. I sometimes miss me blogging. I'm testing the waters again too, with my project year over at Trav's Thoughts.

Who knows? Maybe blogging is coming around again. It's a distinct medium.

Mimi Lenox said...

Travis - I miss you blogging too. I am enjoying the history lessons you've started at Trav's Thoughts.

Blogging has a life of its own. I'm praying for Blesurrection. That's Blog + Resurrection for all you non-blog speakers.

nina michelle said...

I am missing the vast community of bloggers I used to think of as one giant family. Your feelings seem to be spreading.

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