Thursday, February 19, 2015

French Drains and Ice

Bloggingham is under a sheet of ice. For the past three days! I am sick of it and itching to get out into the sunshine. More wintry weather is on the way tomorrow. The temps this morning were sub zero (-7 wind chill)!!! This is NOT pencil skirt weather. It's time for thermals and fleece PJs, my Bloggy People. I couldn't sleep last night. I needed to look forward to the wonderful prospect of Spring. Snuggled under the electric blanket, I stayed awake reading and googling the exciting subject of DIY French Drains and Landscaping. Eureka!
 It's not hard at all. Not expensive. Quite effective. Just need a lot of elbow grease and determination.

Go ahead. Ask me anything. I can tell you anything you need to know about water in the yard, water in the soil, slopes, angles, and rainwater. Go ahead. Ask me.  You need 4" perforated PVC pipe, river or pea stones, gravel, landscaping porous material and a big shovel.

Don't worry, Pookie Dog. 
We have to wait until the ice melts before we can start another project. 
I will not be wearing my pencil skirt unless the contractors are present and might even get my own Queen hands a little dirty. 
I researched all kinds of DIY projects last night whilst the sub-zero wind howled outside, envisioning what beautiful spring lawn remedies and adventures I could contemplate. All this crazy ice has made me crave Spring.  The natural area needs naturalizing again, the weeds behind the potting shed need weeding again, the backdoor needs painting, and Bloggingham needs another backyard drain to redirect water flow somewhere other than my flower garden.  What IS the perfect solution?
The beauty of the French Drain.....
named for a Frenchman somewhere trying to please a woman..'s not what I  trying to mark off another project on the Honey-Do list. Yep. That's what I meant.

or maybe just a Curtain Drain will do.....

No. We definitely need a French drain. If only for the cultural reference.
Did you know that a french drain is also called a weeping tile? How poetic!

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Ned Hamson said...

I think we all need some warm sun and a ban on books on drainage - grin. I am with Pookie on this one - smile. In similar circumstances I once read a book on the diseases caused by cockroaches - maybe a seminar on drainage systems and diseased cockroaches?

Janice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janice said...

do not attempt to do this your own self. I have seen this in action. It took 3 large strong men, big shovels that weighed a ton, and rocks that are heavier than the shovels. Backs could be strained and pencil skirts split in the process. Take no risks with the pencil skirts. All you need to do is offer water and fresh lemonade to the folks you hire to dig and lift.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ned - Diseased cockroaches? YUCK! I'll stick to drain pipe reading.

Janice - I will have lots of help. Not to worry.

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