Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Mimisms ~ Don't Play With Your Food

Baby Beans is learning new words and phrases. He loves to say, "Oh man!"
"More, Mimi"
More, Mimi, please?
"Mimi, please."
and my favorite phrase of all
"Tank you, Mimi!"
When I hand him a cracker
"Tank you, Mimi."
put on his socks
"Tank you, Mimi."
pour some milk
"Tank you, Mimi!"
set the table
"Tank you, Mimi!!"
put him in the chair to eat
"Tank you, MIMI!!!"

"You're welcome."
"You're welcome."
"YOU'RE welcome."
"You're welcome."
"YOU'REEEE welcome."
"Thank you, Baby Beans."
"Tank you, Mimi!!"

I'm so confused. How do children ever learn to talk with a Mimi like me?

And the disaster on the kitchen floor might have been avoided had the oranges not shown up.
Wheeeeeeeeeee! They squish in my hands!
"Don't play with your food, Baby Beans."

He listens so well.
There was more juice on him and the floor than left in the plate. Halfway through the orange bath I said,
"There are people everywhere who don't have any food. You shouldn't play with your food."
My son looked at his son as if to say, 'Brace yourself. Here comes the starving African children speech.'

 One of many. 
I'm so glad you listened. Now let's clean up the floor. And you.
"Tank you, Mimi."

Photography Mimi Lenox
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Akelamalu said...

Oh he's adorable!

Luma Rosa said...

Hi, Mimi!
All mothers are the same ... only changes the address! : D
That charm is discovering the world and realize the full form of food!
Beautiful baby!
Happy Holidays to you and happy 2014!

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