Sunday, January 6, 2013

Monday Mimisms ~ Out Of My Comfort Zone

Ten Things I'm Doing in 2013 
 That I Said I'd Never Do
(It's a fine thing when nobody cares.)

1.  I think I have almost kicked the Coca Cola habit. One glass in 2 weeks. I can do this! What was my 12-step secret?  
I quit drinking it. 

2. I am dating an older man (but not by too much). You'd never guess unless he told you. Ummm...Ladies....I am finding that life experience and kindness more than makes up for anything I imagined I might be missing. What was I thinking???!! (and being a younger woman is way cool) Wink

3. I stopped writing the Queen's Meme every week and nobody died.
Or even cared.
Yippee!!! (But you can find a slew of memes by Yours Truly at You're welcome to answer them any time.

4. After stopping the writing of The Queen's Meme, I realized how much I missed answering memes. It gave me a funny outlet sometimes. I need to do that more. You are welcome to laugh. Or not.

A meme is a great date conversation piece. If you say it's a "meme" it doesn't sound so much like a secret interview. I hope he isn't reading this.

5. I stopped writing Dating Profiles Of The Day when I started dating and during peace globe season. People DID care and wrote to tell me. I need to revamp it and carry on. It's time. Sorry, folks. I'll be back soon...with a new idea. Stay tuned.

6. I've almost cured my chronic insomnia. No more dark circles. No more unexplained bruises. No more walking through the day like a zombie. What was my 12-step secret?
I went to bed.

7. I am playing the piano again. Kinda sorta with lots of mistakes. The broken wrist is so-so but I AM playing the piano with not much rotation and quite a bit of pain. But it's still early in the recovery game and I did not think I would be able to play at all. I am (kinda sorta...)

8. I scaled way back on Christmas gifts this year and nobody cared. Instead of 10 gifts for Baby Boy, he got 2 and dinner out at our traditional pizza place with Bleu Cheese and Ranch on endless crackers and a riveting discussion on his 3rd grade love life. And he's so big now he placed his own order (Medium Cheese Pizza, please, and lemonade....yuck).  Baby Beans, on the other hand, is too young to notice and ran from Santa Claus in the mall. 

9. Speaking of malls....I hate them. Me? Hate malls? When I went last week to find a dress for New Year's Eve, it was a disaster and a waste of time and I had to find another store. Our mall has become the teeny-bopper hang-out of the Universe with people just standing around in groups discussing video games looking like their Mamas don't know where they are. 
I am not amused. 

10. I drank cranberry juice on New Year's Eve and a sip of champagne at midnight. What is different about that? I didn't have to pretend I like wine when in fact it doesn't like me, and Yours Truly did not embarrass herself by almost falling down when she got up to go to the Ladies Room. (Don't ask) He said I needed an eyedropper to drink wine instead of a glass. On the next date he proactively ordered "Cranberry juice for the lady" and had a Baileys.  Just one.
See? Nobody cared!
Some things never change.



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Durward Discussion said...

I still care in between being movie obsessed in awards seasons. You gave up Coca Cola. I'm trying to ditch dairy. Mainly okay except for constantly asking "Cheese doesn't count does it?" Memes ... must do more memes. As much as you love music you could join in on Five on Friday Trav's Thoughts Glad the wrist is better. Hope the dating life continues to be wonderful and yes friendship is a great place to start loving. Happy New Year.

Mimi Lenox said...

Jamie - You know more about movies and awards than anyone I know! Trav does have a great meme and I should do it.
Yes, friendship is growing. A good thing. Thank you.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Hey, a happy new year to you! May your love grow.

Of course a meme is a secret interview!!

I missed your memes even if I don't answer them. They make me think.


speedyrabbit said...

good luck with quitting the coco cola,xx Speedy and mum

Akelamalu said...

Well Happy New Year to you Mimi and it sounds as though it's going to be a good one for you what with the dating and all.:)

Unknown said...

I never could keep up with 12 steps, and the rest is history. I will try your version!

lime said...

i am smiling very much about you playig piano again...even if it causes pain and is halting and doesn't sound good yet. that's a great step forward!

Desert Songbird said...

Why did you say yuck to lemonade? I love lemonade! Especially with vodka. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - Thanks for checking in. Memes are fun sometimes. Perhaps I'll self-indulge in one soon.

Speedy - I am still on the wagon.

Akelamalu - Well....

Fisher - Just quit. It's easier.
But have the headache pills handy.

Jackie - Happy New Year to you as well! Stay away from that wine.

Lime - Thank you. It's a small step. Patience is NOT my virtue. But I'm hopeful this pain will stop soon. I'm reeeaaaallly getting tired of it, ya know?

Desert - I say yuck to the combination of pizza and lemonade. That's a big yuck to me.

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