Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 911 ~ Eleven Years Later

The sky was almost the same. Clear and warm with white puffy clouds. Eleven years ago today in the comfy confines of a rehearsal room, my colleague and friend appeared at the door, visibly shaken with a look of fear on his face I'd never seen. And we watched in utter silence and shock as the second plane hit live before our eyes. He became the-person-I-was-with-when.

This morning as President and Mrs. Obama observed a moment of silence at the White House, I felt the same emotion in my heart at 9:03, let the same tears fall as I remembered the sight of United Airlines Flight 175 approaching the South Tower of the World Trade Centers.

God rest the souls of those murdered that life-changing day, from Shanksville to Washington to New York.
May we always remember and honor them.

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Travis Cody said...

It is still such a difficult day for me. None of my feelings are diminished.

I do have hope for our future. I carry peace in my heart to share with any who wish to partake. I am not discouraged.

But the horror will always be with me. I shall always remember.

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