Friday, July 15, 2011

But Mimi, Why Is There A Tractor On Your Blog?

I haven't blogged an award in quite a while. But this one is to speak. My friend and fellow blogger, the succinctly savvy lady known as Gal, has deemed this blog worthy. I am honored. Gal writes a delightful blog known as One Gal's Musings. A Chicagoan, professional writer, lover of cats (especially her wildly precocious kitty, Reynaldo) and all things Cubs and Beatles, you might say there's never a dull moment over at Gal's.  I thank her for this deliciously sweet award.

All awards comes with a price ...I mean instructions. Upon acceptance of this lovely little award, you are to list seven pieces of information not commonly known about yourself and fifteen recommendations. Impossible! I've told everyone in the whole universe every detail about my royal existence. How can I possibly dish more? Oh...well, there was this one time....

Seven unknown and uncommon boring tidbits about my life

1. I once dated a man with generational ties to the Mafia. I kid not. At least that's what he told me. I always believed (as I locked the doors and pulled the blinds shut) that he was just trying to impress me.

2. I am a Queen with no King. Lots of frog kissin' but no keepers. Why, you asked? My choice in men leaves something to be desired. See #1.

3. I dislike the color orange.

4.  I dislike the color orange because it reminds me of pumpkin.

5.  I hate pumpkin.

6.  My uncle, God rest his soul, let me drive his tractor one day in the tobacco field (this was before I became a Queen).  I was twelve. Which is roughly the number of smacks I got to the back of my head when I ran over his foot. Needless to say, he took the keys. Permanently.

7. I hate to admit this but I've actually seen Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn in person. It's a memory I don't like to talk about if you don't mind.

8.  I hate cartoons. I mean I really hate them. And yet I was obsessed with the Casey Anthony Trial. Does that makes sense to you?

9. I believe in love even though I just realized I said the word "hate" four times already in this post.

10. I am known at work for slamming doors like a wild Italian woman waving her arms talking in a strange language when I'm having a bad day. Then I get over it. It is quite amusing to others. Of course I get madder because my colleagues are laughing. So I slam the door in their faces. Door-slamming: Try it.

11. I have insomnia. A lot. In fact, it is 2:11 am and I'm doing laundry and writing this post. True.

12. I eat peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. Really. (and I wonder why I can't sleep?)

I hereby royal decree the following blogs to be irresistibly sweet as well. Here's why...

1. ALL BLOGGERS I READ who are not mentioned below. You are every one amazing and I refuse to leave folks out. So much for me following rules. 

2. Don't Know Much About Photography -  I have never understood why this abundantly talented young lady titled her weblog such. One look at her photographs and you know it's not true.  Author of the internationally popular website The Horoscope Junkie, I don't know how she finds time to listen to the muse in her writer's heart and behind the camera lens.  Sea Breeze Photos and Twisted Sister are two additional sites she owns as well. You'll find humor, tales of Bella The Cat (she's afraid of the strangest things) and many a poignant verse that seems to effortlessly flow from her pen (Dawn's not Bella's).  Did I mention the girl knows how to take a picture?
Dawn's first book entitled Unbeautiful is full of spectacular photographs from her native land in Newfoundland, Canada and beautifully paired with snippets of original poetry. You can see a preview of the book here.  It is on my Christmas wish list. And you thought she was just a blogger.

3. Big Leather Couch aka Vinny "Bee" Bond Marini has so many guests sitting on his Big Leather Couch I can't keep up with him. How does one man who is practically a newlywed, hold down a full time job, travel all over the country, host a weekly radio show and find time to blog too?
And he cooks!!! I mean he reeeeeaaallly cooks with Italian herbs and spices and a proper waving of the hands.... AND he and his beautiful wife, Nancy, in the great land of Mississippi, grow their own cooking herbs.  Yes! I am totally amazed.

4. Trav's Thoughts - Known as Dancing Bee for his tenaciously joyful enthusiasm for peace globe blogging, Travis is a dancing man bar none! Poet, musical meme writer (he authors the Friday musical meme known as Five on Friday - you know you want to play) and historian who teaches me something new each time I visit.   Oh. I forgot to mention LEGSSES.  Travis is becoming the blogosphere's foremost authority on the show So You Think You Can Dance! His love of dancing and the show may even rival his longstanding allegiance to Taylor Hicks.  MMMaybe. That's saying something given the fact that Travis is a member of The Original Soul Patrol. Really!

5. Coopernicus - his wit is second to none. In fact he's so witty if you're not careful the joke slides right by without notice. And then you go...ahhh...wham! Coopernicus is an excellent writer and wordsmith.  There are unusually cool music photos on his page. Oh! And he is working on his first novel during the moments not riveted to the blog page or making us think. He claims to be "left of insane." Eh. That can't be right.

6.  Linda @ Are We There Yet? - She is known for her stellar photography, intelligent thought-provoking blog debates, travel writing and patriotic history lessons. All that and more.  I fondly know her as Duchess Linda Upon The Thames (along with our comrade in crime Princess Patti) as we once shared a sneak attack on a bunch of plastic flowers in downtown New England.  Most recently it has come to my attention that she shared actual breathing space with Hugh Jackman in Toronto.  Yes, THE Hugh Jackman. In the flesh. On a stage. Right in front of her. I'll bet he didn't know she was Royalty. Pffft.

7. Jamie White of Durward Discussion - She claims to do whatever "the little voices tell her to". At first I was skeptical. But now that I know her a little better, I totally believe it! Jamie is a musically inclined breath of fresh silly intoxicating air in this space we call the blogosphere. This "retired writer editor" is passionate about the many causes she cares about, silly with a capital S (but in a SSSSSophisticated way) and most knowledgeable on a variety of subjects.
(and a lover of Hugh Jackman too she wishes cause we all know he's mine)  I've connected you to her Facebook page where most of the frivolity occurs. Who could resist those legs?

This is the part where I apologize. I could go on and on and on and on about all the bloggers I read and enjoy. Too many of you to mention. So many deserve mention here! I hate (5x now) choosing a few and leaving out the rest. But these are the rules and the rules I must follow. At least you've gotten to know the upstanding bloggers I've mentioned here a little better.  I hope you will give them a read. 

Enjoy! And thank you once again, Gal of One Gal's Musings, for including me in your award choices.
You gave me a reason to brag on some of my favorite people in all the world.
Much appreciated.

Can I get back on the tractor now?


The Gal Herself said...

Well, whaddaya know! My uncle, the one I lost recently and completely adored, loved tractors, too! He was a huuuuuge fan of John Deere, and whenever I see that particular shade of green, I think of him.

You rule Bloggingham like Elizabeth I (but naturally with a better hairline). You don't need a king! Though an accommodating knight or two might be fun.

Thanks for the kind words. And someday I may try the peanut/mustard thing.

Anonymous said...

::kneels before the queen in her castle::: I accept the honor that you bestow and pledge to protect Bloggingham with my life.

no cartoons? really? (he sez hiding hid flintstones, looney tunes, droopy, tom and jerry, simpsons and family guy dvds)

Anonymous said...

Coal miner's daughter and you on a tractor... who'd of thunk it?

Thank you so much for the kind words... I'm actually blushing ;)

Red Shoes said...

I LOVE that tractor!!! I would drive the HELL out of it!!!

I've never been involved with anyone that claimed to have connections to the Mob, but I have been involved with some fairly screwed up people...


Are you driving your new car yet??


Mimi Lenox said...

Gal - Liz I and I go way back. Waaaaaay back. She taught me the importance of using lots of sunscreen. And you thought she was just a world leader?

Where I grew up there were more tractors than cars.

Mimi Lenox said...

Coop - I don't consider Flintstones a cartoon. (I forgot about them whilst I was hatin')
Wilma was my hero. She persevered under pre-feminist conditions with clueless Fred. But I couldn't stand that big club of BAM BAM's!!! That child got on my nerves

Oh. And let's not include the Jetsons either.
They were real, weren't they?

Tom and Jerry..YUK.(It was a mouse!)

Mimi Lenox said...

Dawn - I was with my Papa on a rainy foggy day back in the 70s at an outdoor concert. I should blog that story. I have a picture of the two of us standing together at the music park.
He loved Loretta Lynn and I loved him; hence, I was there.

Mimi Lenox said...

Red - I actually didn't believe him. He was a gorgeous - and I mean gorgeous - Italian man though. Perhaps I was blinded for a bit. Ahem. (not that anything like that would ever happen to me)

Good thing he flew the coop out of Bloggingham. After we broke up I changed the locks. Just sayin'...

Linda said...

As is typical for my life these days being that I've become such a gad-about that I even traipse up to Toronto to see Hugh Jackman, I am somewhat late to the party and accepting my award. Though one has to wonder exactly what kind of award it is when one then has to try to come up with a post to reveal unknown things about oneself. Like yourself, my life is an open blog so I'm not sure that there is anything that people don't know about me! That said, I'll see what I can come up with as if the Queen commands, the Duchess does!

Oh, and as for yourself ... peanut butter and mustard? Seriously? EWWWW!!!

Mimi Lenox said...

Duchess Linda - Hugh. Sigh.

Oh, I got distracted for a moment..what was I saying?
Peanut butter and mustard. Yummy.
My dad ate peanut butter and mayonnaise.

Looking forward to your post if you see fit to obey (you know I have this dungeon....)

Travis Cody said...

I'm back from Arizona to appreciate your kind words about my humble blog. Now remind me the next time I decide to go to Arizona in July not to do that because it's TOO HOT!

Thank you my Queen.

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