Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mimisms ~ Peace Or No Peace, I Refuse To Marry A Cat

It's strange. I dreamed last night that I went to a faraway place and landed in someone's cozy home There were candles and exotic food, a handsome dark-haired man and...and...oh never mind....that was the OTHER dream. Let me start again. I dreamed last night that I went to a faraway place and landed in someone's cozy home. There were candles and exotic food, a handsome here I go again dark-haired man and me.

See how I changed that up?

My pencil brain is on a one-track route sometimes.  That's what happened to me all the month of October and into November. The Peace Globe Movement consumed my thoughts and time, energies and passions. I did manage to squeeze in a few late night exotic phone calls and dates along the way, some terrible cooking and the usual fight with Homer.  The Red Tie Guy and I parted ways - did I tell you? - he was not my cup of tea.  And he doesn't even drink coffee. The nerve! My romances waned miserably bizarre. So in that regard, life was normal at times.

But I expect that things are going to calm down considerably after today. I can relax now and take my time reading all the brilliant posts you've written, the unbelievably artistic peace globes you made, the acts of utter kindness I watched unfold as you interacted with each other, and with me, as the clock ticked down to the final hour on November 4th.
I saw it.

I noticed a hive of bees a'buzzing on Facebook swarming around stinging folks with "may I help yous" for days. They kept me afloat laughing about Hugh Jackman "humanitarian" visits I so now remember that dream and some of them even delivered lattes to my internet door in an effort to keep me charged and awake.
They could teach big corporations a lot about cooperation and teamwork I'd say.

Did I tell you that George Clooney showed up in my email?
The sender's name was "George Clooney"....with a peace globe. I swooned. This is what he said..

And then I learned he was a cat who blogs for "num-nums" ..whatever that means. If you know don't tell me. Seriously. Don't tell me. I can't take another shock this week like when word came that CNN might be interested in the peace story and then the lead fell through. So close and yet so far.
 We did get mentioned a lot on Twitter (The TopTen Blog noticed) but we learned that unless I marry a celebrity in a hurry we're probably not going to "trend" anytime soon. And since I have spiritual and moral and ethical reasons for not marrying a cat, I'd say we're doomed.

Then John Lennon showed up in the form of singing Polar Bears. Meet The Bear A Tones.
Have you seen them? They're awesome!

Created by Jamie White and the talented Colorado Bob for BlogBlast. With all the fun we had and all the coffee we drank and all the nonsense we encountered on a few fronts here and there, tears fell too. Moving posts and a sense of comraderie. New friendships laced with old friends from way way back when the movement first began.
Reunions happened. Some folks were missing for various reasons, as it should be, but not many. And a knowing. That this year's BlogBlast For Peace turned a corner indeed. Facebook was a game changer. Twitter was a pain-in-the-never-mind game changer. Jamie and others typed their little fingers to the bone on that site and retweeted in her sleep for days and days. I kid you not. She didn't even have time to get her nails done!! But she managed to find time to let the Polar Bears sing for all of us. They kept us smiling.

There is no way I can thank everyone for all you did to make this a successful launch. If I start naming names I'll leave someone out. I'm not going to take that chance. So I'll simply say a big thank you and send a huge mushy hug from me to you. If I haven't gotten round to your post yet, be patient, I will. I am taking my time and enjoying each one. They are simply brilliant.

According to Google searches and stats we are making noise and news. According to the blueness of FACEBOOK pages we are making noise and news. And according to Goodnight Gram who knitted a peace globe, "Peace is worth it." See?

But you know what matters most?

What you said.
I told you your words were powerful.
Even if you're not really George Clooney.


Jaffer said...

Now why would they name a cat after a living celeb - even if they ever looked like them - I've never understood.

I would say that my post was a success as far as I am concerned - I've already decided what to do next year :-)

But between that there's much to do.

Mimi Lenox said...

But he's such a handsome cat, that George Clooney The Cat!

I might marry him after all....

Durward Discussion said...

Just for the record, Bear #339 and the Bear A Tones are the total creation of Colorado Bob. All I did was ask the man who created my little cow on my blog if he could do Bears singing Lennon. He did it and he is wonderful.

Annelisa said...

Way t'go Jaffa on forward thinking! :-) ya t'bits!! You made it happen, George Clooney/ Hugh Jackman...well, they would be added bonuses, but reckon you did good girl! :-D (and that's the biggest smile I can get on here....oh hang on a minute...) *grins from ear to ear*

Travis Cody said...

There really were some stunning images and some thoughtful words around the bloggosphere this time around.

Dawn Drover said...

I saw that knitted globe and loved it... very creative.

Not a bad looking cat by the way. You could do worse ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

a "Knitted" peace globe. That's just cool.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You did so good, girl. A highly satisfying weekend for peace. Would have been great to be on CNN - maybe next year!I have about a hundred entries left to make my way has been so wonderful! Thank you for your vision, dedication and all the hard work you put in to make this happen. See what one person can do? Start a movement! Shine on! You sparkle.

(And, IMHO, it will take a very special man to be worthy of you:))

Anonymous said...

Mimi: I saw the Bear a Tones. That was great, but I'm glad for the reminder. I'm still blog hopping to read more peace posts. I don't know how long it will to all of them, but I'm going to try. It's Peace, afterall. I'm glad you caught my wood bowl. I should have put some marbles under the knit globe! :-)

Mimi Lenox said...

Jamie - He did indeed create a wonderful treat for all of us!

Annelisa - Bonuses! That's how I shall think of them from now on. Ha!

Travis - For sure.

Dawn - Funnnnnnny girl you are....I kinda like GC The Cat.

Charles - She knit the world together. And put them in a wooden bowl like my marbles.

Sherry - Awww...thank you. The man. I am choosy. I am picky. I am a handful. He might need a little patience. Just a little.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the peace posts. It's a daunting - and rewarding - task.

GG - The bow was the first comment out of my mouth when I saw it. I'm going to put them side by side in a post one day . That would be an awesome sight. Thank you so much! I'm sure lots of thought and positive energy went into every minute you worked on it. It's beautiful!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

What a wonderful BlogBlast it was...I got through so many but alas not all...

You are to be commended once again Ms Mimi for beginning this revolution (well you and Papa)

can't help myself "num nums" = treats

Mimi Lenox said...

Vinny - It wouldn't be the same without you and Nancy! I am slowly making my way through the list. And enjoying all of them!

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