Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under The Covers ~ Read It and Sleep

I am the Queen of Memes. This is a meme. And more trivia about my life than should be lawfully legal. Pop a bowl of popcorn and have a seat. You might learn something new. Then again, you might not. Got butter salt??

1. Name 2 things you have done under the covers in the last week.
Giggle and turn up the heating pad.

2. Do you know what a woobie is? Do you have a special one?
I have a special woobie. I won't tell you his name though. He doesn't even know. Yet.

3. What prompts you to pull the covers over your head and hide from the world?
Every morning when the alarm clock rings.

4. Firm or soft?

5. Silk or flannel?

6. Lights on or off?
For what?

7. Fan or no air?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

8. Completely dark or nite light?
I am not 12. I do not need a nite light. I do stump my toe a lot. Maybe I should reconsider.

9. Windows open or shut
I sleepwalk. Open windows would be quite the fall for me.

10. Sweet dreams or nightmares?
Lately, both. With the same people!!

11. PJ's or……

12. Set bedtime?
Quite impossible. I am such a night owl. It will be the death of me.

13. What do sheep count when they can't sleep?
Everybody knows that sheep don't sleep. Have you ever seen a picture of sheep sleeping?
I think not.
Baby Boy had trouble sleeping awhile back. I told him to count sheep. He asked, "Why, Mimi?"
Good point.

14. What does your alarm clock sound like?

15. White noise or music

16. TV or IPod?
Neither. I'm trying to SLLEEEEEPPP...Shhhhhh!!!!

17. Can you recall a pleasant dream you'd like to share?
I can recall a pleasant dream. I would not like to share. That Mimi is nosy this week.

18. Under the covers or outside the covers
Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk with you again....

19. Insomniac or sleep angel?
Angelic insomniac

20. What is your favorite sleep aid for those tossin' and turnin' nights?
My nameless woobie.

21. Morning person or night person
Mornings are from Satan too!!!

22. Bedtime snack?
No. Carbs are not my friend.

23. Hot or cold room
Hot. Firm. Hot. Just hot.

24. Bedtime ritual?
Brush hair 100x as taught by my great-grandmother, who never in her entire life cut her long dark hair. It was so long she could sit on it. She was 90 when she passed and still had the most elegant hair put up in a French twist.

25. Twin, Queen, King, Bunk or Futon
Queen, what else?

26. Socks or naked feet

27. Bedroom door locked or unlocked?
Depends on if there is a woobie around.

28. Tent or hotel room
Tent? TEENNTT?? Ah. No. Just no.

29. If you could be bored to sleep, what would bore you?
Rush Limbaugh.

30. Prayers or mantra?

31. What was the worst nightmare you ever had?
I dreamt I lost the peace globes.

32. Please share any ideas on how to stop a person from snoring.
I just sleepwalk out of the room and find another bed. Works for me. Until I get cold....

33. If one purely pleasant thought could ensure fast and sound deep sleep for you every night, what would your one thought be?

34. How many hours do you normally sleep?
Depends on how many "pleasant thoughts" I've had.

35. Thunderstorms or quiet starry night?
Last night a thunderstorm woke me up several times. To some people that might be annoying..but I loved it.

36. Warm bath or hot shower?
Hot shower first and then warm bath with bubbles. That combination is profoundly relaxing. Add herbal tea and it's heavenly.

37. What is the craziest thing that ever happened in your bed?
A possum crawled on me. I kid you not. Read it here.

38. Name a song you could fall asleep to.
Anything Sarah McLachlan ( I stole that answer from Dawn but it's true!)

39. Who last told you a bedtime story?
It was past midnight. He texted me a sweet dream xxoo. Does that count?
I thought so.

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Finding Pam said...

I hope this means that you are finally feeling relaxed enough from your Vacation to blog.LOL!

Number 33 works for me too.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'd like to have windows open, but not in this humidity. I do like the fan on for sure. Though Lana usually prefers not.

Anonymous said...

A possum? I gotta go read that!

Akelamalu said...

Mimi - what's a woobie?

Mimi Lenox said...

Pam - Getting there....but the "vacation" was no vacation.

Mimi Lenox said...

Charles - Once upon a husband time a long long time ago..he liked a fan to sleep by at time. It was more like a hurricane.

Mimi Lenox said...

Dawn - Ohhh..you should.

Mimi Lenox said...

Akelamalu - A comforting blanket. Travis taught me that word. (Don't tell him I told you that...)

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