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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks. No Really. Thanks.

Sometimes life hands you pomegranates. You get wiser. Sometimes life hands you that icky lemonade. You get stickier. Sometimes life hands you a boatload of people who either enhance your journey in lovely ways or rock the boat off course just for the hell of it. You get an oar and row in your own direction. It happens to all of us. Either way, there's gratitude to be found if you're willing to look. Sometimes the conflicts are indeed blessings in disguise - you just don't know it yet. Sometimes the storm IS the thing you will one day bless while you wait for calmer seas.
Maybe not today, but someday.
So find some patience and hang on.
We all have something to be grateful for one way or another.
I found a few things this week. I hope you did too.

The Gratitude Meme

1. What are you most grateful for when you first wake up in the morning?
Another day to live.
And warm fuzzy slippers on my feet heading in the direction of the coffee maker.

2. What are you most grateful for when you go to bed at night?
A place to sleep, a fluffy pillow and the old habit of bending God's ear for a minute. He's used to it. He sets the alarm clock in the moon faithfully by the "Oh my GOD you will not believe what happened to me today!!" scream from the Pencil Skirt.
Haven't you noticed? I'll try to be quieter next time.

3. Who is the person who has had the most influence on your life?
My grandfather. I still miss him. Read about him here.

4. Is there someone you'd like to thank for something special they did for you but haven't yet? Take the time to do it in this meme.

Yes. Two people.

I'd like to thank the little Jamaican woman in the hospital cafeteria. Back in September and October 2009 when my dad was dying, I spent many days in the basement of that place morning, noon and all hours of the night. She got so used to seeing me that she knew what I'd order before I opened my mouth. Most days I couldn't utter a thing though and would have to make myself eat. More than food .....what I really wanted was a half hour's respite from the room of watching. That's not a selfish statement. It's how you get through.

I would like to thank her for the days she simply gave me my food and walked out from behind the counter to give me a silent long hug. No words. Just warmth. I will truly never forget it.

And I would like to thank her partner in crime, the wonderful grill chef who made a special hotdog for daddy knowing it would probably be his last. "Make it just perfect, please. He asked for one tonight."
I told him. He did. And daddy ate every bite.
I would have gone to Siberia to get that hotdog.

5. Who was your favorite or least favorite teacher?
If you could talk to them now, what would you say?

My high school music teacher was my favorite. She shaped the path of my life by sitting me down and saying, "You WILL go to music school. You WILL apply for scholarships. You WILL audition. And please for the love of God, do NOT get married before you do."
Oh really? The second part of that advice delayed the first part because I didn't heed it. I knew everything. She played the piano at my wedding with a scowl in her face. She was not surprised when I wrote to tell her we were divorcing.... I miss her! We still write each other and I soooo owe her a letter.
I hope she's reading this.

6. Do you say grace at mealtime?

We did when my son was small in my once-upon-a-married life, but no, I must admit, I don't do it now. I hope he's not reading this.

7. Name one thing you take for granted everyday.
My mother. I don't call her as often as I should.
I hope she's reading this. Hi Mom.

8. Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that something you thought was a bad thing was actually a blessing in disguise?
Several times. Usually with reference to relationships but I'm learning lately to apply that possibility to other areas of my life as well. Being awake and alive can bring amazing insight - if you're listening. Perspective takes a bit longer it seems. But time always tells. Always.

This is know: Those people in your life who present the most challenges and especially those who cause you the most pain are your greatest teachers. Sometimes your nemesis is an angel.
So thank you. No. Really. Thank you.

9. What are the top five things you are most grateful for in your life?

The question asks "things" but I will combine the tangible with the intangible (in no particular order). These are but a few. Too many to count!

1. Family, love, deep and abiding friendships (I know that's 3)
2. Music
3. My piano
4. The boys who fly kites
5. My health
6. and The Parking Lot Kisser who likes to dance and eat oysters (not at the same time) I know that's six.
(I really need to write about my love life soon. The man is a total conundrum!!)

I hope he's not reading this.

Play along with us!

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Kitten said...

I forgot to add the all-important cup of coffee to my gratitude list. Because, seriously, the Keurig and I are best friends.

Mojo said...

So does this mean that you're going to publish the results of the Drop Test? No... I didn't really think you would.

I hope you're right about that whole nemesis thing. It would be good to have something to show for it.

Dawn Drover said...

"Being awake and alive can bring amazing insight - if you're listening."

So true.

I understand the hot dog only too well. I'm glad you had the Jamaican woman and her partner in crime :)

Red Shoes said...

The Jamaican woman and her partner-in-crime made my eyes water... I understand so well...

I have so enjoyed the references to your Dad and Grandfather...


Mark In Mayenne said...

Just call him the PLK.

Xmichra said...

I can't phathom having a hot dog as a last meal. But I understand going where ever it takes to bring one for someone you love.

Really great answers Mimi :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm definitely thankful for my comfy bed and covers every time I sleep.

bubbleboo said...

Beautiful answers, Mimi. Thank you for sharing them.

The Gal Herself said...

I love this theme -- a good reminder of all we need to remember. (Though I don't see how you could forget The Parking Lot Kisser!)

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