Saturday, May 10, 2008

Queen Calls For Worker Bees

So there I was.

Lightning flashing. Wind blowing. Tornado warnings in my town. It's dark. It's rainy. It's spooky. I'm all alone. Candles burning all over the castle. Shadows dancing in the cobwebs. Lights flickering. Wondering when the power would go out.
Waiting for prince charming in a negligee by the moat. Pouring Godiva....

What?! Wake up, Mimi!
You fell asleep again at the keyboard. This is no time to dream about romance. You have work to do.

Peace Globe #401, 401, 402....and on and on....what's a girl to do?
And then it hit me.
I think I might have to ask for help.

I called my friend Psycho Julie for a quick palm reading and advice.

"I can't do this by myself O-psycho-one, I need help."

"Remember this word, O Queen.... D.E.L.E.G.A.T.E"

"Yes, but I hate to ask people for help. It's not in my nature. I'd rather do it myself."

"Fine," she said. "Drive yourself and your whole kingdom crazy. See if I care."
Lightning! Thundering! More lights flickering. I thought I heard maniacal laughter from the dungeon below.


"Why don't I just stand at the castle gate in a negligee?" I asked my level-headed friend who was much more sane than I at this hour of the night. It seemed like a good idea to me.



"That is not the kind of help you need, Mimi dear. You're just tired and not thinking straight. I'll talk to you later!"



"Wait! What kind of friend are you?? Is that all the advice you can give me? I'm sinking in a sea of message bottles! (nope, that was last month)...I mean memes...yes, that's what I meme. Memes. "
I thought I heard her yawn.


"Yes, Psycho-Queen?"

"I think I broke my meme. In fact, I'm sure of it. How will I finish numbering peace globes in the Official Peace Globe Gallery with a broken nail crown meme. I have permanent arthritis from pounding the calculator keys with one hand and typing with the other.
"Why do you keep hanging up on me?!"
"You're hyperventilating again dear. And I've been trying to tell you for twenty minutes that I would help you and you just keep blabbering about sleepwalking and moat frolicking. And then you said something about Justin Timberlake. That was so unbecoming of a Queen. So I hung up. Are you asleep or awake? What's going on with you, Your Highness?"

Did she say she was helping me?

And so she did.

For hours and hours last night and this morning, sweet blogger Julie left comment after comment on blogs about peace globes as the Queen fussed and fumed about nobody helping her.
Thank you, Julie. I'll be sure to add you to the No-Dungeon-For-You list.
I'll try to snap out of it now.

.....404, 405, 406,....700, 726..
Somebody send Godiva.

Did she just call me a psycho-Queen?


Misty Dawn said...

Mimi, my friend - you must be easier on yourself. What would we do if you overdid it and we lost our queen to fatigue? Please, be kinder to yourself.

Travis said...

Are you remembering to breathe? It doesn't sound like it.

I'm sorry I couldn't help this weekend and I'm glad Julie was there for you.

Julie said...

Is she breathing? Well does panting count? Counting to 3 and pushing each globe out? The birthing of masterpieces right and left.

She's exhausted! HELP!!!!

No, I'm not going to bring up the back labor...or her swelled ankles.

What? You granted me amnesty!

**feels her ear being tugged upon and the dampness of the dungeon begins to waft through the air**

AMNESTY baby AMNESTY!!!! her swelled ankles and she goes ballistic!!!

Akelamalu said...

What a pal!

You're doing a fantastic job the pair of you, but don't overdo it. x

piebuko said...

Need help mimi?
I'm volunteering! :)

Julia Scissor said...

I had sent in a new globe for the November 2007 which I guess was way better than I one I had submitted in 2006.
Is there any way that it can be replaced in the gallery?

Anndi said...

If you need help keeping the dungeon trolls in line...

Oh.. and Happy Mother's day my Queen!

Bond said...

Happy Mother's Day...yes, Psycho is a wonderful woman - she really is!

Mimi Lenox said...

Misty - Me, overdo it? Surely you're kidding!

Travis - No worries, Trav. I know you always have my back. I hope you are feeling better!

Julie - Birthing peace globes....ha ha ha...that was pretty funny. And accurate!
Seriously, thanks for your invaluable help. You are a gem.

Akelamalu - We won't. We had problems with the site this weekend. Hoping to get it fixed soon. Thanks for popping in.

Piebuko - Thanks! I'll be in touch!

Julia - Sure! You just tell me which one you want to use. I haven't finished numbering the November globes yet but I think the end is in site. I did get an email from you today though....let me look again..

Anndi - I can always use help with the dungeon dwellers.

Bond - Thank you! Yes, Julie is a wonderful person for sure. I appreciate her help this weekend very much.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

Peace. Make sure you have some, yourself, Your Highness...!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How delightful Mimi. I love Julie too. Big hug. :)

Julia Scissor said...

I have been spreading the word among the bloggers that I know personally.

And I'm also posting about it on forums on the social networking site, Orkut.
Count me in!

Patti said...

You are being way too hard on yourself. Don't let yourself get overtired, Mimi.

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