Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Blog Chatter: Go Forth and Meme

And boy did you ever. "Go forth and meme" is a phrase I read in a comment yesterday by Maiuigirl regarding The Band Meme. I feel like Bloses (that's blog + Moses for all you non blog speakers) with a rod in the waves, or was it in the bush. The dessert? Desert? Oh whatEVER. I can't keep up. And apparently need to return to Sunday School for a refresher course. Ahem.

This is a great meme which was stolen by he who gently coerced the Queen to do it on this blog.

And all was going well yesterday until some of you decided to flaunt the authority of my dungeon. I warned ya. I told ya.
It ain't pretty in there.
And then there were the procrastinators. "I'm sorry Queen Memes but Flickr went out for a massage and I can't get my Band Meme done." Oh please.
If Queen can't have a massage, can't nobody have a massage!
I've heard some excuses in my day but that takes the blogcake.

There were a few escapes during the night. The alarm went off in my boudoir (actually, it really did) about 3 am and scared the living bejeebuzz out of me. WHO DID IT? Which one of you memesters decided to spook me? HUH?

It was not funny. Bruno and Guido are on the case as we bl-speak.

What is your punishment? You must listen to this. (after you finish your meme)
It's a Sunday morning sermon from Yours Bluly. I found it at Tiggerlane's this morning via Bond's Tuneage Tutelage - which was fabulous by the way - and couldn't believe my ears.
Trust me, you don't want to miss this amazing train wreck of Amazing Grace. I somehow knew in my pencil soul that he was about to sing that song. And then he didn't. Tell me you can hear this and still believe there's a God.

And then there were the cheaters. You know who you are.

Margo trying to pretend she accidentally found this picture? Suurreee ya did.
Right. And what does Natsuo Kirino mean? I know it's secret code for Get-Into-Mimi's-Dungeon. I didn't fall off the pencil truck yesterday ya know.

And we all know Sanni loves all things chocolate to go with her endless German coffee cake.

Look at this! She's selling 'em for $19.99 just so ya know. She's such a vixen that Sanni, pretending to be a Queen and all. She's got some nerve.

I'm off (you can say that again) to look for those scoundrels who woke me up from my sleeping slumber by breaking a glass somewhere in the house which set off the alarm which roused me from my perfectly peaceful slumber dreaming about unbloggable scenarios that are scandalously unprintable and now I can't remember them. Drats! Who did it?

Actually, I dreamed that I was on a date with Mitt Romney at Olive Garden (truly I did) and then we had an enlightening conversation in the back of his 1957 cruiser about virtues. How did he know what my album cover said?

He's not even my candidate! These are the lengths he'll go to to win the election?
I think not.
I am not amused.

But the pasta was to die for.

Does this mean there's a tall dark Italian charismatic man somewhere in my future?

One can only dream.

Note: I'm cruising today for the rest of the album covers. I will post them in tomorrow's Monday Mimisms with a link to your site. Proof that you are not going to hell the dungeon. Just yet.

Band memers: Linda at Are We There Yet?,
Sandee at Comedy Plus , Bands That Rock - EDog's Everything Page (you won't believe what he did with this meme!) Bond's Big Leather Couch , Crazy Working Mom , Coffee2Go , Hammer , Julie's Jewels and Junque , Lyn's Last Minute Life , Speedcat Hollydale Page, Knit For Joy (I think the name of her cover belongs on a dating site), Gill's Jottings, Lee at Tarheel Ramblings, Jamie from Duward Discusssions, Maggie Moo Talks2U, My View Of It, Colin at Life, Work of the Poet, Mauigirl's Meanderings, Lori from Hahn At HomeDixie's Heart and Soul, Anndi's Luggage, Monday Morning Power, Peanut, Peanut Butter Jelly2! , Asara's Mental Meanderings, Mr. Lance Solitary Views, Diary of a Heretic, Kids, Cats, & Books - Nola Dawn, Observations From the Back 40, Late Bloomer Boomer (who protested but did it anyway.....), My Dogs Keep Me Sane - Misty Dawn, Random Autumness, Foxxfyrre's Honk 'n Hollr, Screw Perfection, Olga, The Traveling Bra, Andrena Getting a Grip On Grace, Trav's Thoughts, Blog-Blond, Lowdown from Lois, Friday Night Fish Fry, Butchy and Snickers, The Ice Box, Mimi Lenox at Mimi Writes,

More coming soon..... The above list are those I personally tagged with the exception of one. If you were a tagee from one of these, send me your meme and I will add it to this growing list. And what instrument, pray tell, are you playing?


Linda said...

How fortuitous that Sanni got an album cover with chocolates on it! Go figure!

Mitt Romney at The Olive Garden, eh? Well, I would have had the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks myself but I guess if you went with the pasta instead that's understandable though I must say that the Zuppa Toscana is to die for!

Got my album done this morning so you can cancel my reservations at the dungeon for next weekend even though a few days might have done me some good in helping to shed a pound or two!

Maybe next meme?

Carver said...

Hi Mimi,

I'm afraid I'm dungeon bound. I don't have my cover done and I fear I may be kicked off the label before it's done. I did listen to Amazing Grace as my punishment (the version you linked that is) and what can I say. I don't want to be a critic so not much I can say about his performance beyond, WOAH! Take care, Carver

Deana said...

I am doing mine tomorrow...I needed to get the weekend kid's photos up from their visit. My mind can't get too off track or out of order. I'd be a mess. So I am still trying to figure out exactly HOW I did this. Not being the brightest bulb as far as directions are concerned, but I will have something!

The other guys look great!

Margo Moon said...

Poor Mimi. You've obviously missed out on the absolute honor of a Cowgirl Swear. And I SWORE to you that that image is what Flickr graced me with. On one side of it was an outdoor scene. On the other a puppy or something. But my cover pic WAS #3. So, nyah!

Anyway, I've already written nice things about you in Tuesday's post, where The Posse goes to Lane's graduation from Basic Training. Take back your accusations, or all that niceness can change, real quick like. Just sayin'.

Oh, and, hope you had to kiss Mitt goodnight. Blech.

Anonymous said...

I found out about the punishment after completing the assignment. I took it like the man I am. But Your Highness, I'm sorry, but that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. I know Blogingham is not a democracy, but there's a limit to what your loyal subjects will tolerate. Please reconsider any repeat of this kind of cruel mistreatment in the future.

Travis Cody said...

I'm gonna do this during the week. I've got my football recaps going on at the moment, and I'm a tech igit so I have to remember how to do the graphics.

It's a good thing you're a very patient Queen!

Unknown said...

Oooooh Mimi! I promise to complete each MEME seconds after the tag. In the dungeon? With HIM??? You know... I´ve been to Tiggerlane and... oh my... my ears began to bleed immediately after he began to... uhm "sing", I cried a few seconds later, fell off the couch at about 2:00 - but I made it to the 3 minutes mark.

That´s enough for my whole life =)

Deana said...

Mine is set to appear first thing in the morning but I would like to say that it did not at all reveal me to be the rocker chick I think I truly am. I come across as one of those Spa relaxation type music CDs... a mix to do yoga by.

...and thank you for the nice compliment today.

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - Sanni's turned out unbelievably accurate. Yes. Breaksticks? You're making me hungry. I couldn't eat while I was in my crazy dream. Just smelled the pasta you know.

Colin - You're catching on....

Carver - I'm just gonna say it. It was the performance from hell. There. I've said it.

Deana - Let me know if you need help. Guys! She is a great photographere. Go see.

Margo - I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I'm afraid he might return.

Lee - I'm sorry you were subjected to that unnecessarily. I'll try to lead a gentler kinder dictatorship in the future.

Travis - Who ever said I was patient??!

Sanni - Past the 3-minute mark was even worse. It was excruciating and likely to run most Christians screaming from the church. No soul saving that day I'm afraid.

Deana - I truly believe you are a rocker chick! I can feel the vibe from here babe.

Julie said...


Mimi s-s-s-s-said, "Hell"!!!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Mimi - Margo gave you a cowgirl swear, so, well, ya' gots ta' believe.

And, you don't want to miss Lane's graduation.

I would have cheated. Yup, I would have. But, how would I have done that 'xactly?

Mimi Lenox said...

Mr. Lance - I saw it! It is grammy worthy. And you did a back cover too!

Julie - Hell yes. I did.
Did I say that???!! Nope. Not me.

Lori -I had to ask her what a cowgirl swear was. I DO believe, I DO believe, I DO believe.

Misty DawnS said...

Whew - I can avoid the dungeon. I completed the meme as instructed... Now, I'm off to bed - we'll see if my dreams are as 'eventful' as yours ;-)

Jeff B said...

This band is growing almost as fast as the peace globes. I think you might have to get a bigger stage built to house all the members.

Clicking a lighter and chanting, "Freebird".

Patti said...

that's funny, Mimi. I had a dream about the ol' Huck. We were at KFC.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, keep up the good work. It looks like your doing a good job of spreading peace, with every message awareness is spread which in time can lean to change.

Check out my novel blog, its a story about overcoming depression and is based on true events, you can find it at my Walk

Mimi Lenox said...

Misty - They were eventful for sure. I hope you had better ones.

Jeff - The rocker thing is working for all of us I do believe. Be careful with that lighter.

Patti - Why didn't you call me? We could have double-dated!

Sandy - Thanks for visiting. I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

oh if I don't already have enough to worry about going into some dark dungeon....already worried bout going to hell....and now you send me this durned meme...


it's done.....

check out my site..


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