Friday, January 25, 2008

She's A Beauty

Thank you to Sandee from Comedy Plus for this lovely award badge.

When I think of a beautiful blog site, a blog that I've been visiting since the beginning of my blog days immediately comes to mind. She's a beauty in every sense of the word and deserves this recognition.

I'm talking about Maryam from Marrakesh. Her page is always a feast for the senses, with original photographs full of color and style. You might find her atop an elephant or roaming about the grounds of her precious Peacock Pavilions nestled in an olive grove. Or sitting pretty with her husband and children for a family portrait. Or jet-setting in any airport around the world talking to strangers for a blog story.

I find such depth and warmth when I visit.

Thanks, Maryam, for being one of my true far-flung friends.

You are amazing.

What posted on Sunday Blog Chatter last week? I Smelled Snow!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I just happen to think you are awesome. Thanks for posting all the awards. I really appreciate it although you know I would never say anything if you didn't. Have a great day Mimi. :)

Deana said...

First the cool and crazy and now I've been dissed for the beauty award. Ah Mimi, me so sad. No, no I am just teasing you. I want to go meet all these lovely fun people that I don't know. And I gave you an E too on my Friday post! You are now a double E!

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