Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Mimisims With Mimi Queen of Memes ~ Best Friends and Walnuts

This meme is stolen. I know where I got it but I'm not telling you. I was not tagged. I just lifted it right off the blog page. So there. I don't think anybody saw me. I know that makes me a meme thief but who cares? I pulled rank. I am the Queen of Memes ya least I was the last time I checked (she humbly said).

There are 250 200 too many questions below. Don't worry. I gave abbreviated answers. Feel free to abscond with the monster meme if you dare. There are alligators in the castle moat. Just sayin... I royally tag Sanni at Coffee2Go, Margo at The Starr Ann Chronicles, Lizza at I Am Woman, See Me Blog!, Ev at My Life Is Murphy's Law

This one is called (I think)

.....Another Meme From Dawn

1. If a doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say?
Lead me to the nearest cliff.

2. Do you trust all of your friends?
Honestly, I don't trust all my casual friends, no. That's why they're still casual friends. But those who've proven true over the course of relationships or span of time, yes. I don't generally give my heart or vulnerabilities to people I sense are untrustworthy. I have pretty good instincts for motive and scope of personality. I do have a propensity for empathy and tend to divulge too much at times in the name of commiseration or support for someone. Of course, there are always instances in peoples' lives where others are just deceptive from the get-go and you don't see it until it's too late.

However, I can't think of anyone I've truly loved that has been purposely dishonest with me. Or I with them.

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?
Yes, absolutely.

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
No. That would be intellectually insane. But I do believe that we take wisdom from each circumstance. Hopefully.

5. Can you make a dollar in change right now?

I believe so. Let me consult my piggy bank.

6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor?

My first instinct would be to respond that an ex-boyfriend would have made an excellent physical therapist but I thought it inappropriate so I decided not to say it. See? And my best friend, Barbara Ann, would have made a brilliant psychotherapist. She has a heart for people and an incredible mind. Did I mention she's beautiful? That always helps. She can talk me off a ledge in thirty seconds.

7. Are you afraid of falling in love?
No, but I'm afraid of falling from cliffs. Isn't that the same thing?

9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times?

Yes. It's easier for them to "pop into my mind" than it is to get to the castle. Most of my relationships are fantasy that way. Sigh.

10. What's your most favorite scar?

I do think this is a rather bizarre question so I'll tell you a bizarre short story. My favorite scar would be the tiny one on my chin. I slept on the top bunk of the bunk bed as a child. I was so skinny that one night I fell between the rails (stop laughing) and hit the floor. Stitches. Not pretty. Now I just say it's a beauty mark. Of course, my ninety-year-old great-grandmother used to say that about the rings around her ankles when her pantyhose fell down, but who cares? We just followed her around and pulled 'em up.

I think I need to stop calling it a beauty mark. There wasn't anything beautiful about granny's ankle rings. Shudder.

11. When was the last time you flew in a plane?
The plane flew. I sat in it and rode to New England. April 2007

12. What did the last text message you sent say?
"Be there soon."

14. Fill in the blank. I love it when ________ pops over.

No one "pops over" to Bloggingham. You have to fly in via military jets, helicopter to the main lawn, chauffeur to the moat, step into a gondola and tip the musician while you float the moat to the castle door. By the time you get here, it's time to go home.

17. How many kids do you want to have?
One. He's all grown up. And still my beautiful brown-eyed boy.

18. Would you make a good parent?

I believe I was a good parent. I hope I still am. I would have done a few things differently. Wouldn't we all? But I wouldn't want to go through the teenage years again.Nope. Definitely. Or diapers. Nope. Or screaming toddlers. Or....never mind. Four is very nice age though. The "why" phase.

19. On your My space, where was your default picture taken?
In my music room beside the piano

20. What's your middle name?

It's impossible for a Queen to have a middle name. We have too many names with lots of important sounding syllables and hifalutin vowels.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Exalted Highness Duchess Mimi Pencil Skirt Queen Of Memes the Deipnosophist of Biggleswade by Biscuit
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

21. Honestly, what's on your mind right now?
Call my best friend, Barbara. She can tell you.

22. If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be?
The invention of the nuclear weapons

23. Who was or will be the maid of honor/ best man in your wedding?
My sister was my maid of honor the first and only time I was married. She was with me also during the divorce party. We wore different clothes and had a much better time.

24. What are you wearing right now?
Black exercise leggings, a pink shirt, sneakers, pink socks, and a scar on my chin.

25. Righty or Lefty?
Alrighy then. I'm right-handed. Right brained. Left of center politically.

26. Best place to eat?
Any place but my kitchen

27. Favorite jeans?
Depends on who is wearing them. I usually don't. I can't find a denim crown to match.

28. Favorite animal?
I like to watch lions. From far far far away.

29. Favorite juice?

Cranberry. Who needs to know this??

30. Have you had the chicken pox?
No, actually. No one in my family can recall that I ever had them. I'm expecting to break out any minute. But lucky for me, only half my face will be affected.

31. Have you had a sore throat?
I have one now. Thank you for asking. Does that mean I'm getting the chicken pox??!

32. Ever had a bar fight?
I think not.

33. Who knows you the best?
I do.

34. Shoe size?
Five and a half. It is very difficult to find shoes.

35. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
Funky reading glasses that break a lot. I lose them constantly. I buy them in bulk. There is a pair within reach in every room of the castle. I usually have one pair on my head at all times, another pair around my neck on a chain at work and a spare in the glove compartment of my car. I'm constantly saying "I can't find my glasses." I never remember to look on my head first.

36. Ever been in a fight with your pet?

I don't have a pet except for Patticakes and Homer, my virtual cat and dog. They live in my sidebar. Homer is generally more chatty than I prefer.

He likes to tell my secrets and thinks he's way smarter than he is. Patti purrs alot in blogspeak.

They know better than to fight on a peace blog.

37. Been to Mexico?

38. Did you buy something today?
No. Even in the Christmas season I have amazing willpower!

39. Did you get sick today?

No. But I've had a knot in my stomach for a week. I hate that feeling.

40. Do you miss someone today? Yes.

41. Did you get in a fight with someone today?
Homer. He hid my glasses. He put them on his head.

42. When is the last time you had a massage?
It's been too long.

43. Last person to lay in your bed?

Do pillows count? I mean, if pillows count then I'm always snuggly warm. So that would be FIVE occupants. Otherwise, just me.

44. Last person to see you cry?
My best friend Barbara. It was not a happy week in Bloggingham.

45. Who made you cry?
Nobody MADE me cry. I chose to release my bewilderment/anger over a situation beyond my control in the walnut salad at our girl's night dinner.

I chose to cry. She chose to listen, hand me tissues and give me this advice: "Mimi, the truth always comes out sooner or later. Be patient and trust your instincts. If you've done all you can do, let it go. And then trust what you know in your heart is true." That's what best friends are for.

46. What was the last TV show you watched?
The football game is on right now but it's just background noise so I'm not actually watching it. Does that count? Do you care? Why am I answering this question? I do love to watch Cane on CBS Tuesday nights. Fantasy. Glamour. Romance. Mystery.

47. What are your plans for the weekend?
Plans I've made lately have been abruptly and mysteriously broken. Maybe I should read "How To Win Friends and Influence People" again?

48. Who do you think will play along?
I'm hoping the string quartet and a horn section at the concert next week. Their tempos currently are all over the place. Rehearsal is needed. And a muffler for the crying children in the audience. I already have a speech prepared though. "Please turn off all cellphones and crying children." It usually gets a giggle from the audience and then I have to interrupt our music to ask somebody to take their crying child out of the theater. What is WRONG with people??!

49. Who was the last person you hung out with?
You guessed it. My best friend, Barb. But she said if I don't stop crying she's never taking me out in public again. Walnuts or not, nobody wants a blubbering Queen.

50. If your "significant other" asked you to marry them TODAY what would you say?

I don't have one but I have ask - what makes an "other" significant? Eh? Is it dates logged? Vacations spent? Dishes thrown? Longevity? Passion? Ice cream dates? Sharing a bathroom? What?!

I would imagine should I find an "other" who is significantly significant, I would consider the proposal. But he'd have to ask me properly.
Then I'd ask my best friend Barbara, before I answered. (grin)

Tagees who have completed this mammoth task and thus escaped the dreaded dungeon: Sandee, Lizza,
Ev (Wacky Mom)
Turnbaby (And As The World Turns) "Sometimes You Just Gotta MeMe"
Colin "Just a Little Meme That Goes a Long Way" from Life


Julie said...

You know how sometimes you start reading a blog and then POW without warning you wonder "should I keep reading so I can make a decent comment"?

And sometimes you wish you wouldn't have even started it because it just went on and on?

You know what I mean?

Well your blog entries are NEVER like that!


Bond said...

phew...that made me tired ...think I am gonna nap (nope it is too late..) can you parachute into Bloggingham???

Wait..didn't you have a friend who cooked? Then you could eat in your kitchen...


Travis said...

I was gonna ask if it's possible to tunnel into Bloggingham. But then I remembered that I owe a meme, and I could be thrown into the dungeon. So the better question is - is it possible to tunnel out of Bloggingham?

The Blue Tea Five Course meme will be posted tomorrow, which would be Dec 11.

Mimi Lenox said...

Colin - Yes, only a FEW questions. Ahem....

Julie - Thank you for a wonderful comment. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. That really really made my day. Hugs to you!

Bond - I used to have a friend who cooked, yes. All the chicken is gone from the freezer now. I had to feed it to the alligators in the moat. And no, you cannot parachute into Bloggingham. There's always a fire in the chimney and wild buzzards on the roof. Duh!

Travis - There will be no talk of tunneling in or out. All tunnels out go straight to the alligator pit anyway. Do you think I'm a dumb Queen??!!

Queen is bad spirits today.
(I stole that line from The King and I - just like I stole this meme.) I really need to repent.

Can't wait to read the Blue Tea Meme!

Lizza said...

Your scar, oops, beauty mark I mean, sounds lovely. Hahahahaa at ankle rings!

Give me a few days to think my answers over. I don't want to spend my Christmas in the dungeon. In the meantime, stay away from those damn cliffs.

Odat said...

Wow...what a long meme! Was very interesting tho...I'm at work used up my entire coffee break!! Geeze!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

This isn't a meme, it's a novel. Yikes. Let me work on this, but don't expect it to be up for a few days. I don't like alligtors. Have I mentioned that? Have a great day Mimi. I have much work to do. :)

Akelamalu said...

Crikey Mimi that was almost your autobiography! :)

kathleenmaher said...

You can hereby call yourself, Mimi the Honesty Queen!
I loved all your answers. Rarely, does anyone me lie to me without believing that lie whole-heartedly. Because if I'm not careful, I'll start questioning their cherished story. It took me years to learn it's mean to question a lie that isn't really hurting anyone. (Is there a Santa Claus?)

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
That was one heck of a meme; it must be the longest that I have ever seen.
It just shows some of the things that make you special and unique.
The good thing about a meme is that it makes one think and ponder a lot of really interesting questions.And darn, we have lots of fun when you do your memes !!

I can't get over the fact that you actually have known your great-grandma.That must have been precious ( despite the ankle rings !)

You take care.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza - Backing away from cliff...

Odat - I enjoyed sharing your coffee break. That French Vanilla was yummy.

Sandee - I can't wait to read your meme. It will entertaining for sure!

Kathleen - You are quite right. Sometimes truth walks a fine line, especially when you care about someone and their feelings.

Barbara - You and my best friend of twenty-five years share a name. That makes you a special cyber friend.
Yes, my father's grandmother lived next door all my life growing up. Oh the stories I could tell. And probably will.

Akelemalu - My autobiography? Ha! Girlfriend,that was the abbreviate version.

Jeni said...

Veddy interesting, but long. And I know, considering how long-winded I get in my posts I have no business making a comment like that do I?
Question #1 - I would ask that doctor if there is a star in the east cause that's what there was the last time something like this happened. I actually made that statement to a doctor one time when he told me something (like that) which I knew was impossible at that point in time. He saw no humor in it, needless to say.

Anndi said...

Great-grandma and her pantyhose made me chuckle BIG time! LOL!

Patti said...

Mimi, Mimi, Mimi. I loved answer #30. It took me a second to get it...half your face! hahaha

coincidentally I call Ralph "Homer" at times and my father used to call me "Patticake"

Enjoyed the Reader's Digest condensed version of your autobiography.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Wow! That was quite an extensive production.

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
Thanks for the vote of confience ;)
Hop on over via the cyberplane to my home in France.No passport needed or strange currency either.

Here's looking at you :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Jeni - To think of being pregnant again is truly frightening. Although I do remember it has its magical moments. Feeling a kick....throwing up.....feeling a kick....throwing up.....

Mimi Lenox said...

Anndi - She was quite a character

Patti - This really took no time to write at all. I don't know why people consider it so looooongggg.....But then again, I do not write succinctly. You are the Queen of Succinct.

Nick - Taking a bow.

Barbara - I'll be there shortly!

Patti said...

Mimi, but I don't want to be succinct any more... :-(

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - Why don't you want to be succinct anymore? The world will not turn correctly if you are not succinct.
I don't handle change well.....

Colin - Finally. Someone who understands the dungeon mentality. I'm not such a bad Queen. Am I?
Am I?

oops...forgot to chain up the alligators before you took out the trash.

Sanni said...

Finally - the MEME is up. I´m sorry it took me a while. Glad you didn´t arrest me ;)

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