Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm a Rocker Girl. Oh yeah.

Mimi the Rocker

My bad side must be showing. The talented Linda over at Are We There, Yet? has awarded me this very cool Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Linda received this nomination from three women bloggers herself, and rightly so. I'm not surprised. I've watched her blog grow and grow in popularity this year and her readership is impressive. Linda is a dedicated Mom and EMS dispatcher as well as a talented writer. She wrote a very nice review in her blog regarding moi, the bad girl herself.

While cyber-cruising this morning I discovered that I'd been chosen by Turnbaby (And As the World Turns) for the same award! How cool is that? She is one my favorite bloggers of all time! You can read her post here and learn about the other winners as well ...MaryFly, Piacere, Cheesy, Beckeye and Cleomattra (who is NOT a female but well, you know...well.......ya had to be there)

My pencil skirt thanks you. And congratulations to fellow winners Dayngr Girl of the blog Dayngrous Discourse, Polli of Polliwog's Pond, Gale of Gem-osophy and Gracie of Echoes of Grace. I'm in rockin' good company. I'm flattered!According to Linda the rules state "that if you're tagged, you get that spiffy little badge at the top of this post and then tag five other chicks who you think rock."

The more-than-five I've chosen I consider to be power women bloggers.
#1 Maryam from My Marrakesh

This blog has always fascinated me. Maryam lives in Morocco with the love of her life, an architect, and her two children. She graciously shares their colorful world and exotic travels with readers. She is beautiful, smart and a definite blog force in the sphere. The winner of many awards and accolades, this Persian prize is a definite daily read. I've always admired her honesty and spirit.

#2 Jennifer from The Big Book of You Blog She just looks like a rocker soul to me. Bright and beautiful, this lady is the author of The Big Book of You to be released this fall. Excerpts can be seen here in this powerful mini-movie based on her work which has been endorsed by Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and featured teacher in "The Secret". In addition, she is author of The Credibility Factor and a fabulous photographer as evidenced in the movie. You'll find pearls of wisdom and a heart for people in her writings. Jennifer has also trained in three disciplines of healing: CranioSacral, Polarity and Reiki Therapies, a widely accepted and alternative form of individual therapy. She has been practicing these modalities of healing in private sessions with individuals for 15 years. I had the privilege of exploring a session with her recently via phone. It was an amazing and insightful experience.

#3 Annelisa from Words That Flow AMENDED: Annelisa lost her dear friend, Julia, this morning to cancer. Please take a moment to say a prayer for Annelisa and Julia's family.
~ Of all bloggin' chicks in blogland this talented woman never ceases to give me reason to be thankful for blogging. She lives in East Sussex, United Kingdom and I call her my friend from across the pond. Annelisa (left) is shown here with her best friend Julia, who is battling the latter stages of cancer. Annelisa had her head shaved to raise money for cancer research not too long ago and has taken a short hiatus from blogging to be with her friend. Send some prayers and thoughts their way if you don't mind.Annelisa was an invaluable help to me during Dona Nobis Pacem and she literally left hundreds of comments in the blogosphere that day. Annelisa and Julia: We love you. Julia - Your graceful spirit shines on.

#4 Turnbaby from And As the World Turns
is one hot little rockin' girl. A sweet attorney from the south (Lexington, Kentucky) she knows how to lay down the smooches and gropes. Since reading her blog I've learned to "smooch and grope" (Don't ask) in the blogosphere. Scandalous!! Did you she has a secret blog? Intriguing woman who is famous for her Taylor Hicks addiction and fab writing skills. And she has the
coolest high heels on the planet, which, of course, makes her a rockin girl extraordinaire in my pencil skirt world.

#5 Epiphany Alone
~ Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate ~(Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here)
There are mommy blogs and then there are mommy blogs. Epiphany's two daughters, Lauren and Lindsay, are lucky little girls. This mom manages to go shopping for really hip pink rocker shoes for her babies, studies at Rutgers and records adorable snippets of wisdom from the mouths of these babes. I interviewed her recently and she further impressed me as a very cool - and caring -mom. Rock on, Epiphany. You deserve a pair of really hip pink rocker shoes,too.
Here's a pair just for you.

#6 Akelamalu ~Everything and Nothing I call her the Hawaii girl. Her grass skirt just rocks. And I should know about skirts. She's not really from Hawaii, she resides in the United Kingdom, but I think she's a grass-skirted-rocker-girl at heart and deserves this award. Her site is eclectic, honest and well-written. She's also a consistent and encouraging supporter of other bloggers. I see her comments everywhere I go! Rock on little Hawaiian girl, rock on.

#7 The beautiful and vivacious Sanni -
Coffee2Go Sanni, who resides in Germany, has a stunningly beautiful blog and has always been a favorite of mine. Her site design blows me away and she now has a blog just for design. But look out for that Evil Blogger Twin of hers. It could get ugly. Sanni ends every post with "a moment of Homer" which is always delightful. I applaud her dedication to blogging and feisty spirit. A definite winner here in my book.

And last but certainly not least.....
#8 Empress Bee of the High Sea
...looking all regal and ready for a new adventure with her blogging husband Sarge Charlie. She ends every post and comment with her signature "smile" and red-hatted self. Said red hat is now an official rocker girl AGAIN.

So grab the fever and tag at least five of your favorite gal bloggers and spread the smooches, gropes ala Turn and rockin' vibes.

Now, I'm going for a groovy walk.

UPDATE: Polli of Polliwog's Pond googled and traced back to find the original Rockin'Girl Blogger. Her name is Roberta and she's the one who started it all.
Hope you'll hop over there and thank her!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

way cool mimi, i'm a double dipper!

smiles, bee

Epiphany Alone said...

Thanks, Mims. I love the Rocker Girl boots!

Akelamalu said...

I'm honoured and amazed Mimi, thank you so much, it means a lot coming from someone who has rocked "The (Peace) Globe". x

Dixiechick said...

From one Rockin Girl Blogger to another CONGRATULATIONS!

Have a great weekend!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am in the Casablanca airport squatting outside the VIP lounge to get wifi (ah the lengths we bloggers will go....). And eek, what a lovely surprise to see my blog right here! Yay!

Mimi, you are an INCEREDIBLY kind and generous soul who spreads love and good will wherever you go. Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. And do know that all the rest of us bloggers look up to you.:-)

Linda said...

Somehow I knew you were going to take this award and in turn give it to some fantastic women which you certainly have!

I would imagine that through your Peace Globe adventures you have met many rockin' girl bloggers and I must say that the eight you have chosen here are all fantastic women, most of whose blogs I've managed to read. For the ones that I haven't been to yet, I shall have to alleviate that problem forthwith and pronto!

Thanks also for all of the great comments about me, I am flattered and honored! Truly!

Travis said...



You look great in the pink badge!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Ok, not a girl rocker here, but GREAT post!!! so fun. I have not left a comment in awhile mimi, but I read regularly.


Akelamalu said...

Mine's up now Mimi, thanks again.

curryegg said...

You're rock!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Congrats, Mimi...WELL deserved. You do so totally rock.
You had some great choices as well.

Sanni said...

Thank you so much, Queen Mimi! I´m deeply honored - and, of course, congrats on your own pretty pink bling thing. Well deserved! Keep on rockin´the Blogosphere!

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