Friday, June 1, 2007

The Blogworld Just Got Bigger - Lizza Spins

The lovely and cerebral Lizza, over at I Am Woman, See Me Blog! has dedicated her popular feature "BlogWorld Saturday" to the peace globe effort. Globes are spinning in the Philippines and her royal sassiness (that would be the lovely Lizza) admonishes the naysayers with a clever twist of the pen. Read it HERE. Please click over and show her some love.

I've been a fan since our blogs began, eons ago when I met this thoughtful young woman from ParaƱaque, Metro Manila, Philippines. I've watched her morph into a blogger extraordinaire. Bloggers rely on her each week to scope out the best of the best in the blogosphere. She delivers with wit and candor each time. Her writing has evolved splendidly. You can always count on Lizza to tell it like it is.
Most of all, she has remained a staunch supporter and encourager of fellow bloggers in the sphere since the inception of I Am Woman... That is what sets her apart in my book.

Click over and leave an encouraging comment, take a stroll around her blogworld. I'm sure you'll find a chuckle or two. Don't you love the globe she submitted?

NOTE: Fellow bloggers and long-time peace supporters Mo and Annelisa continue to burn up the blogosphere with their efforts for BlogBlast. Many others have and are doing the same.
I can't thank you enough. Pencil Skirt will return shortly to report!
Need java.


Lizza said...

Thank you for a touching write-up, Mims. It's so good to see more and more people doing this, just generating good vibes.

Lovely and cerebral? You are too kind. :-D

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza - You are absolutely the essence of lovely and cerebral. The Queen said it so it must be so.

Annelisa said...

No more sitting on the fencepost (as one blogger commented on Lizza's post)... nice one Lizza!

Mimi Lenox said...

Fence post sitters are not allowed.
Right, Annelisa!

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