Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some Other Calamity ~ Blogger Nightmares

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Good Sunday morning. It's perfect blogging weather today.
If only Blogger would work.
The new Automatic Save feature is causing blogging blues all across the blogosphere. I wrote an entire pencil skirt story Friday only to lose it to the blogger bandit. Where, oh where, could my story be?

Luckily, most of it is still in my head and being re-written, but as any writer knows, when inspiration strikes and you're burning up the keyboard with a fast-flowing storyline it doesn't automatically come back to you later. Incredibly frustrating.

The instructions from Blogger read This autosave feature means that you have a safety net for the cases when you're working on a new post and the power goes out, or your browser crashes, or some other calamity occurs.

Newsflash: Blogger, you are the other calamity.

Lesson #1: I will NEVER again write a post within the Create Post box. I began this morning writing everything in my Word program and transferring it. It's a pain but better than losing my work.
Lesson #2: Listen to Boyfriend next time. He's always written his posts first in an Office program and tried to tell me to do that long ago. He won't say 'I told you so' so I'll say it for him: You told me so and you were right.

The PicasaWeb Gallery, where the peace globes live, has not been affected and I do have a hard copy of them BUT since Blogger tinkered with everything last week I can't add new globes!! I'm hoping the glitch will be fixed soon. Until it is I will find another avenue. So if you recently submitted a globe and don't see it in the gallery, that's why. If Blogger doesn't fix it soon I'll just transfer them to a Flickr account or something similar.

Sixteen days until BlogBlast for Peace launches again! Here are the last three lovely globes I received.

Now, I'm off to finish my other blog in this new format and return here to post about my adventure yesterday in New Jersey and New York traffic hell last night. See ya later! It was interesting.......

MEE - Would the owner of this globe please send me your blog link? Thanks.
Patti's site ~ Late Bloomer Boomer
Rosemarie ~ Heavenly Voice


The Plaid Sheep said...

Interesting is such a useful word. It can convey so many things while remaining polite.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope your difficulties are resolved before you start pulling out your hair and sending nasty notes to blogger.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

tag! you're it!

smiles, bee

Random Magus said...

I too write my post on Word first and then I copy paste. It's a pain to edit while doing it in blogger...

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