Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Globes, New Friends. Ten Days and Counting..... - Create custom images
Peace Globes have begun to spin into my mailbox now. The trickle began a few weeks ago and with any luck, should turn into a landslide soon. As of this morning the official gallery count stands at 257 globes and 59 NEW GLOBES since this BlogBlast began. We have nineteen countries represented! There are eleven locations within Canada, seven spots within the United Kingdom and twenty-nine states in the United States to name a few. Can we eventually have every country and every state within the US?? I definitely believe it's possible. Click HERE for the full scoop on each location around the world. I am sure there are globes out there I haven't stumbled across yet. Please let me know when you post one or spot a new one. With less than ten days to launch I predict a traffic jam in the blogosphere. Honk!
Honk! "Hey! You fancy globe in lane 3, step on it will ya?! I'm trying to get my globe to Mimi. Move it! Ahhh......what a lovely sound.
Let me introduce you to some new friends I've made recently. And when you get a chance, please give them a click and welcome them to the lovely land of the Peace Globes. From the camp.....
Laura Burke from Chicago, Illinois posted a banner and globe this week at The comments she received turned into a well-written essay with back-and-forth commentary by one reader who wants to stop world hunger and another who asked, "Wouldn't such a day interfere with the war?"
NOW they get it.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend.....You won't believe what Finnegan and Buddy just sent in!
The process I go through with each new globe: It goes here in the main gallery first
and then here for new June 2007 Globes Then in the Locations List here
Then here if a post is written too (If you've ever said a word about Peace Globes on your site, a link should be here.)
Then here where the globes hang out and dance around!
and finally to The Official Site of The Peace Globes.
Peace and I'll be back later with more globes to share.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

God, it's almost here. I need to update WTIT's Peace Globe. It is on its way!

Mimi Lenox said...

Looking forward to it, sweetie.

Linda said...

I was just thinking this morning that June 6th falls on a Wednesday which is normally a Wordless Wednesday day and wouldn't it be great if every person who participates in Wordless Wednesday posted a Peace Globe instead?

"Imagine all the people ..."

Mimi Lenox said...

Eureka, Linda!

What a great idea. I'm not a Wordless Wednesday participant. Who is in charge? Who can get the ball rolling on this?

Dare I
(just sayin.....)

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