Friday, March 30, 2007

Peace Blogger of The Day: M. Shahin "Your war drum ain't louder than this breath."

Peace Globe Day brought forth poetry and convictions from people of all creeds and religions. As I've said before, anyone with a heart for peace and a positive message is welcome to participate. M. Shahin who writes Gently Into The Night quoted from the Quran and on that day I found these beautiful words in her sidebar. Take a moment to read them......It's called
WHAT I WILL by Suheir Hammad

I will not dance to your wardrum. I will not lend my soul normy bones to your wardrum. I will not dance to your beating. I know that beat. It is lifeless. I know intimately that skin you are hitting. It was alive once hunted stolen stretched. I will not dance to your drummed up war. I will not pop spin beak for you. I will not hate for you or even hate you. I will not kill for you. Especially I will not die for you. I will not mourn the dead with murder nor suicide. I will not side with you nor dance to bombs because everyone else is dancing. Everyone can be wrong. Life is a right not collateral or casual. I will not forget where I come from. Iwill craft my own drum. Gather my beloved near and our chanting will be dancing. Our humming will be drumming.
I will not be played. I will not lend my name nor my rhythm to your beat. I will dance and resist and dance and persist and dance. This heartbeat is louder than death.
Your war drum ain't louder than this breath.
- Suheir Hammad


M. Shahin said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks so much for featuring my blog and that powerful poem by Suheir! I'm glad it affected you also. I've decided to leave the poem there for a long while because it expresses what I feel completely.

Thanks again and peace to you :)


Mimi Lenox said...

M - I do love the poem and your blog is a peaceful, soothing place to be.

Thank you.

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