Friday, February 2, 2007

A Royal Apology to Ian Healy. Behold the scandal!

Queen has goofed.

I know.

It's hard to believe.
I try so hard to be a good Queen and treat my blog friends with respect and fairness. I'll blame it on......too much cheesecake? That annoying case of meme-itis? See how pale I look??!! Perhaps it's my incurable romantic distraction?
Maybe I just need new reading glasses. That must be it.

Ian Healy from EDog's Everything Page was (and is!) an invited participant in my Saturday Comeback Challenge on Dating Profile of the Day. Somehow, his entries were lost last week and never posted in Round 12 of the competition. I did an email search and did not find them. However, as boyfriend  likes to point out, I'm sometimes "technically challenged." Thanks! Looks like I can add "perceptive" to the growing list of qualities I appreciate about you.

When he's right, he's right.

But that doesn't make Ian feel any better now, does it?

So, I'm posting some of my favorite answers from Ian here now. I do want him to get credit for his entry and invite him to play again tomorrow. I will try not to "misplace" your answers (grin) and will order a Royal Guard to catch any stray spam that floats across the moat.

This is what should have been in the mix last Saturday. Sorry, Ian!
Bachelor: I’m in the dark. Are U afraid of the dark?
Ian: Only if U R in it.

Bachelor: Someone Who Is Going To Get Lucky. I’m a Leo, a tiger, and was born on the cusp of the 186th and 187th day of the Mayan calendar, which is a death day #4 and a deer day.
Ian: Lucky Strikes…Out! Never a good idea to mention death in your personal ad.

Bachelor: At first, I wasn’t too keen on trying to meet someone this way then I figured this might be a really good way at meeting someone.
Ian: Because even complete losers deserve a chance for love. They just have to look harder. Lots, lots harder.

Bachelor: Looking for a female who shows interest. If any of this interests you drop me a massage!!!
Ian: Don’t expect a happy ending, though. That’s $200.

Bachelor: I would hope the person I could hopefully be with, would be open and honest about herself as I would hopefully be about myself.
Ian: Hopefully this guy will never breed. Hopefully an open, honest woman will see right through this unclever ploy.

Bonus. My ideal dream date and I would watch spinner dolphins earn their name as your panga slam-bams over glittering seas.
Ian: Timothy Leary’s dead, dude. Let it go.

Check out Ian's other creative endeavors here and here and here!

He is a topnotch writer and was a kick-royal-butt-competitor in November during National Novel Writing Month. You can even find his book in the links above. Check him out and tell him Queen Mimi sent you over with a royal apology!

And please, play the Saturday Comeback Challenge tomorrow! Stay tuned for the questions which will be posted in a few hours on Dating Profile of the Day. Good luck!


Liz Hill said...

LOL --Very good mea culpa. Scary as it may seem--especially in my contagious housebound medicated state (it is not pretty)--but I swear upon all that is holy (snarf) I WILL do the challenge. Really. ;-)

that frolicsome kid said...

Whoops, Mimi! At least the problem is now rectified! =) His answers were funny too! *chuckle*

And it's the day for Saturday Comeback Challenge already? Wow, time really flies by fast. I take a look as soon as I can! ;)

Annelisa said...

First one made me chuckle... but, you know, come-backs just aint me strong point, Mimi, so I'm probably underestimating the impact of the other answers :-)

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