Wednesday, February 7, 2007

American Idol: Welcome To San Antonio!

Mimi: Bud, here we are at American Idol. Welcome to San Antonio!
Bud: Mimi, we are not in San Antonio. The show is…
Mimi: We're still 700 miles apart.
Bud: Just till next week.
Mimi: Well, that will be a lot better.

Bud: How did you like Brian? He won the "Mock American Idol" is his town.
Mimi: His town must have ten people. He yelled "Rebel Yell"!
Bud: Isn't that the point?
Mimi: It is still a song. Sing it.

Bud: How about Kerry Spinato? She sings in a wedding band.
Mimi: That's why the divorce rate is high.
Bud: It is Kerry's fault?
Mimi: Bad wedding bands.
Bud: She got to Hollywood.
Mimi: That is a first.
Bud: How about Bailey Brown? That blond bombshell?
Mimi: Sixteen, Bud. A minor.
Bud: She was raised on a farm.
Mimi: Are they looking for Eva Gabor or an American Idol?

Bud: There were the cousins. The BIG one sang "Amazing Grace."
Mimi: That was not singing. It almost made me lose my religion.

Bud: And the skinny cousin made it.
Mimi: That lady Sandy tried to sing "Black Velvet".
Bud: And she is a music teacher.
Mimi: Glad I missed that.
Bud: You were spared.
Mimi: How about the girl Paula and Randy said "no" and Simon brought back?
Bud: Ashley Carr. I think Simon's wrong.

Mimi: That is it from San Antonio.
Bud: We still are not there, Hon.
Mimi: Next week, right?

Bud: Right. I'll be in the neighborhood. But still not in San Antonio.

"Bad Case Of Loving You"
By Robert Palmer

We are still not sure where this adventure is taking us. We might do it again. But my money's on "no". It's a "crunch time" thing. Mimi is fine. But I don't stay up this late on school nights.

Mimi: Bud, you can go to bed now.
Bud: Goodnight, Hon.
Mimi: Goodnight, sweetie.

Tomorrow there might be incredible posts on our blogs. We will have to wait and see. Join us then. Same time. Different blogs.

Update: It's over. Perhaps it was my taste in music.


Terra Shield said...

Yay, you reviewed the American Idol show... is it worthy enough to stay awake to catch it?

Mimi Lenox said...

Listen, Bud. I've warned you before about copying my blog. Don't make me come up there.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Now the chica who they gave a second chance to at the end and then she made it... and came prancing out like freakin Beyonce.. she needs to go.. Man get a second chance and become a dive... patooey

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I double dare you.

MLB said...

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