Tuesday, January 30, 2007

American Idol: Waiting For The Train Wreck

Mimi: I was just thinking, my Prince.
Bud: Now we're really in trouble. Sigh.

Mimi: The last time you had a brainstorm you thought up this American Idol project and I've gotta tell you. It wasn't such a hot....er.....Ok.

Mims, tell me what you were thinking.
Mimi: I was just thinking about that romantic night we spent in Boston. We danced. We laughed. We had a tea party...

You smelled snow...
Mimi: Exactly!

Mimi, you and I both know you cannot predict the weather by sniffing air. It did not snow.

Mimi: It DID snow, Bud. You just weren't watching. You missed the whole thing!
I wish I'd missed the show tonight.
Mimi: What show?
Bud: American Idol, Mimi.

Mimi: I kind of liked the middle-aged chicken lady with the feather hat and flashy underwear.
Bud: That was big bird.

Mimi: Katie Bernard. She turned out to be what, 50?
Bud: Do you realize more AI stars came from Birmingham Alabama than anywhere else?

Mimi: It did not show tonight. No Bo. No Taylor. No Reuben. We did have Jessica sing "Unchained Melody"
How can you have no idea that you've pick the hardest song and you suck?

Mimi: Now Bud. Well it was more of a "Untamed Melody."
What I honestly thought was the best part?
Mimi: What?
Bud: The promos for "House". I thought Ryan hovered around the losers like a tabloid reporter.

Mimi: Waiting for the train wreck.

Mimi: How about the women with the long, long hair? Cousin It?
Must have been while I went to the medicine cabinet for the Valium. Lakeya might have been this years William Hung. It was painful.

Mimi: Where did Paula go?
With that guy from season three?

Mimi: I just wished we left with her. How about Brandy singing "Like a Virgin" and then exploding?
Truly awful. Admit it, Mims. We're doomed. There is no show here. There is no talent.
There is no Bud and Mimi article. We've lost our credibility.

Mimi: We never had any credibility, Bud. Bud, it's the phone.
Got it. Hi this is Bud. I see. OK. Fine. Goodbye. Mimi, it's canceled.
Mimi: Not American Idol? After five years?

No, Mimi. Our review. After three episodes.
Mimi: Oh. That's better then.

That is that. And then some. The Bud and Mimi Review will return. In some form. Just not about Idol. Unless we change our minds. Or Lose them entirely. Join us tomorrow. Same time. Different blogs.

Update:  The train wreck came. Can someone say over?
Perhaps it was my taste in music.


terra shield said...

I've not been watching AI because I'm either at work or asleep when its aired... but your review is fun!

Bond said...

NO NO NO .. you are not really leaving us without an AI review now that we are finally getting close to the good stuff....

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It ain't over till it's over...

Mimi Lenox said...

You can say that again....

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