Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Annelisa = Amazing

Each Tuesday I have the privilege of nominating a blogger for Bestest Blog of The Day on Bobby Griffin's site, Bestest Blog of All-Time. I love writing these reviews and discovering new talents in the blogosphere.

If you haven't already, please read today's Mimi Writes review. You've seen her work here before. The photograph above is but one representation of her truly inspirational photography.

a uniquely talent writer, poet and photographer from East Sussex, United Kingdom
can capture my attention with one click of her magic camera.
The photograph above is accompanied by one of her stirring poems.
One of many.
She is a true supporter of bloggers everywhere and often writes poetry in honor of the friends she finds in cyberspace.
I hope you will visit her today and congratulate her on a job well done.
Now.....I'm off on another adventure!
Have a fabulous day.


Annelisa said...

Blimey, Mimi!

I came over here to give you a big hug, and say how honoured I am to have you review my blog (and so beautifully too - sculpted with your amazing way with words), and here you've written another post... and I'm speechless!! (well, not quite :-D )

You are such a lovely person, Mimi! You're one of the biggest hearted bloggers in the blogosphere, and you inspire others to dreams - that's a very special quality! Your Dona Nobis Pacem will be big, I'm sure, because people can see your dream and follow it!

Another huge hug, Mimi - have a great day (like you've made mine!)

Sanni said...

That´s so amazing - in a double way.
Annelisa has well deserved this award and you´ve written the review at BB and here so wonderful =)

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