Tuesday, November 7, 2006

UPDATE: On the Groovy Globe Hunt

Fini from Germany and The Laughing Gull ~ As of 2012 there are thousands of peace globes in the gallery. Go here to view them. Add yours!

Have you seen them?! They're lighting up the Blogosphere.
Making quite a splash!
A short update and then more globetrotting (as Frank says)
I can't keep up with them.
Need more caffeine.
I wish this day would never end.
Excuse me for rambling.


Stream of consciousness here. And there is MUCH MORE to be discovered in the next few days. I will surely report. I have my pencil skirt dry cleaned and ready to go. This is what has been happening.

**The last 48 hours: I have received (and partly answered) 164 emails from around the world and they are still pouring in.

** Frank Sirianni has been up for days organizing the gallery and finishing his posts. He has made categories according to country. It's wonderful! NOTE: He is currently battling a snow blizzard in Canada! So while you're praying for peace, pray that Frank doesn't get lost. He has an incredible story to tell about his experience with this project. I intend to tell it! What would I have done without him? Stay tuned.

**Morgen has been on a GlobeHunt today as well. He's tracked down 100 blogs with the Dona Nobis Pacem post (30 are cats!) and still counting! Go to his site and follow the groovy trail.

**Gale posted a lovely article with Grant Us Peace in several different languages. It speaks volumes about the unity we are trying to achieve here.

**Prometheus broke his 7 day silence and wrote a splendid plea for peace. I wrote a separate post about it here.
**I DISCOVERED CAT BLOGGERS! They're EVERYWHERE! And what's more, they're organized better than people bloggers.
A force to be reckoned with.
(more later) By the way, I hate to bring this up but where are the doggie bloggers? And the goldfish bloggers? Hamster bloggers?
If you find any let me know. I told Frank we need a special category for our lovely feline peace bloggers.

**Many people participated via Dr. John's blog today. I visited his Fortress a few minutes ago and read his appeal. Makes me proud to be a blogger. Thank you, Doctor.

Yaxlich, my friend from England, had a great idea about placing a Technorati tag somehow. Mimi is still trying to figure this out. Mimi starts talking in third person everytime she thinks about Yaxlich's blog.
I loved his post today and no matter what he says, Mimi thinks he is a tree-hugging hippie at heart. It's a wonderful thing. Please go to his site and do the technical thingy he suggested so that we can get even more people excited about Blogging For Peace. Let' all try it!

**THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO SO MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE SPREAD THE WORD AND MADE POSTS. I have other stories to tell about what I'm reading in your blogs. I just haven't gotten around to reading and/or writing about it yet. I hope to have an official globe count by the weekend and more of your wonderful inspiring articles. Please don't think I've left you out here. I'm happily working away here in my little bungalow.

**DO READ my main post for today's event. It was written just before midnight on the eve of Dona Nobis Pacem quite unexpectedly inspired by a bowl of marbles - and a loving gentle tap on the shoulder by someone I loved and lost. I am still amazed at how the story of the Peace Globe really began. I would like to introduce you to this honorable man.

PLEASE do me a favor and send any and all links you find with Peace Globe posts. I want to credit everyone and I intend to answer each email and comment. Carpal Tunnel medication gladly accepted. I finally had to stop answering each one (for now) and starting forwarding Frank the globes. I will catch up with mail responses by the weekend. You all are wonderful and I appreciate everything you've done to make this a huge success FOR PEACE IN OUR WORLD.
I have a lot to say about what we've done here (big surprise). I just need to slow down, get some sleep, give it the attention it deserves and say it well.

This is Mimi Pencil Skirt reporting live from the land of the lovely Peace Globes. Peace on Earth never looked so good.

Stay tuned for more UPDATES!
P.S. I should work for CNN. They missed the story of the century today. All that vote counting.....how silly.


Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

I’ve been "linking you" myself dear Miss Mimi - for a few posts and will until Thursday/Friday - all for the cause...
I hope you have inspired what may become a bloggers tradition in years to come!
Great Job.
Thank you for all the hard work and heart you and Frank poured into this “joint project” you made "ours".

I am hoping to begin seeing sometime in my lifetime (59 in Jan.) some semblance of social justice and economic equality around the globe - it can only happen in peacetime and with access to education and healthcare for all.

A truly compassionate world - that's it - enough said.
Now, I get off “your soapbox” :)
Peace, Love, Joy and laughter

PS.: (Got some visitors via your blog... I am sure it's been vise-versa as I’ve been told)

Anonymous said...

I think it sound like you are having a super wonderful time.

Later Y'all

Anonymous said...

You've been added to the peanut barrel!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Peace, Mimi! Yes, we cat bloggers are furry well organized. As fur the woofies (d-o-gs), well, they's too easily distrackted.
I've linked to as many cat bloggers wif peace globes as I can find, an my paws is tired! What an amazin project, an what an amazin turn out. Concatulations!

Anonymous said...

mimi we beta bloggers have not been able to get on non beta blogs all day and when i could find a way in i could not leave comments, so my point is, there could be so many more that were not able to tell you...just so you know....

and today was great, thanks so much for all your hard work...bee

Charlene Amsden said...

Mimi -- you are an inspiration to behold. Look at the scope of your influence.

madd said...

Mimi..WOW...how amazing it has been today...MIMI..YOU ROCK!!! thank you for all your hard work, the message did indeed get out there, get some rest and dream dreams of peace posts, peace globes and yes the reality of world peace..take care my friend..m

Yaxlich said...

Yaxlich has posted how to add the tag on his blog. He hopes that all of the 100+ people taking part add a tag so that we can spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Put a globe up although couldn't get it signed.

What a wonderful idea.

Love your writing and will enjoy 'catching up' although I know that will take a while LOL

Linking you at


Anonymous said...


My Peace Globe is not a permanent addition to THE COUCH
I visited about 50 sites yesterday from Franks gallery...

Thank you again

Link Within

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