Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Blog Chatter Part Three: 10 Reasons To Stop Dating!

Well, there actually more than ten but who's counting.

Yesterday I posted the Saturday Comeback Challenge on Dating Profile of the Day, my spoofy site on bachelors gone awry. I find the craziest bachelor snippets I can and challenge my readers to write comical comebacks once a week. The response was wonderful this weekend! We currently have four contenders for this disastrous honor. Bazza, Jan, Wandering Girl and Bud have laid down the funnies. They are hilarious and I'd like you to help me choose the winner.
But wait! The competition is not over!
You can still try to outwit these silly writers with one-ups of your own.

My favorite headline this week - "I sometimes perform music in public and ride my motorcycle for fun."Jan's response: " I'm looking for someone who rides motorcycles in public and plays music for fun."Bud's response: " Boy, I imagine that draws a crowd. Hey everybody! Here comes the yodeling bike rider again!"
And this from a dateless bachelor: "I'm a rounded person."
To which
Bazza replied, "The cops rounded him up yesterday."
"Cheese in search of macaroni"......Jan said, "I'm sorry. I'm lactose intolerant."

And the list goes on. Unfortunately.
Need a laugh? Check out Saturday Comeback Challenge!

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I'm in.

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