Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Will The Real Cowboy Please Stand Up?

Or at least get down off that damn horse.

Letter and pics from Cowboy 10-24-06:

"I gotta come clean Miss Mimi. It was Ma what made me do it. She said who ever herd of going with a gal who had a diffrent surname to
you and only five fingers on each hand. We gotta keep this real quite and you
gotta stop playing footsie under the table with them Limey guys. I rekon that there Bazzas a real nancy-boy. You know what I'm sayin'.?? Keep that sugar sweet fer me. I be astarting to polish up my six-shooter, oh

The nerve.
I know this is hard to believe but my Lonesome Cowboy has turned out to be a cyber-stalker.
He has now insulted the legendary British scholar known as Bazza, who was just minding his own business leaving comments on my blog like he always does when my cute little spur muffin signed his name to the above letter. This ruffian has insulted and impersonated my English friend.

Do you think Cowboy works for Bitacle?

He sent the above "pitcher" of himself today. He said regular folks should "show there whold selves" instead of "haven yur face lik yu dun"

What a two-faced statement.
If you ask me they look a little nancy.

Well....I did post Reynaldo Gianecchini's lovenote (and tight T-shirt) to make him jealous. Read what he had to say about that!

"Hey Miss Mimi Im athinkin' you may jest be insultin me but well I'm not too sure. Thet ireen sure has a mighty fine blog, yes indeed. I athinkin 'bout puttin up some pitchers of myself. Ma says i'm reet pretty an all. She sez all the gals will wet thar nickers when they see my pics. But I dont think she means it the way I wish it to be. Well I gotta go now cos its time to bath the horse and he's always kinda hard to get up them stares. Bye now XXX.

P. S.

(Oh I aint jealous miss Mimi. He a pretty boy.) I'm all man miss mimi. Ma wants to get her some liddle grankids afore shes gone but she says none of them gals i bought home good enough. She says there all gold-diggers. Reverend Tully came acallin' on Ma last night. Funny thing is hes still here this morning. I'm scatchin my head."
 He's lovable - that cowboy.
Even if his Ma is a tramp and he rides a dirty horse I could probably forgive that. As long as he lets me keep a couple of photographs of Reynaldo and remembers to take off his hat when it's time for romance.
Maybe I could hatch a bunch of younguns just in case I get lonely.
Pic: Public domain. Artist Charles Marion Russell


Anonymous said...

I know I've got a lot to catch up on around here, but I'll try and do my best to keep up as I visit daily ;-)

alphawoman said...

Have you ever seen (or heard of) the movie "You Me and Everyone we Know"? This hints at just that same thing.

madd said...

Mimi..so sorry they have got you too..I visit Moof and saw her whole post about this..this is disgusting!! keep doing what you are,I know I am new to your site, but those of us who know you will always support you..not there very ugly parody of you

madd said...

Mimi..p.s. forgot..hope you don't mind I added you to my blogroll...m

Mimi Lenox said...


Anonymous said...

Blog groupies. It was bound to happen...

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