Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The M Word

I have meme-itis.

Which technically means "inflammation of the meme."
Every time I try to choose books to write about for the meme, I find myself changing my mind - and my meme - a million times.
I've been possessed by alliteration. Every word I write buzzes with m's and emes and imes and rhymes with....well, you know, the "M" word.

I can't stop. There are too many books. My brain is in overload and I'm drawing a complete blank at the same time.

I have cortex issues.

Want to leave this out, want to put that in, don't want to write a novel, can't be too snippy, must find a picture of the book, facts on the author etc etc etc.
Somebody slap me.

Yaxlich has crowned me Queen of the Memes.
Oh the pressure.
Not sure if I can live up to that, but I do think I'm becoming a royal pain in the derriere to myself (that would be my first-person self). My third-person self is over at the other blog incognito, as we speak.

Not only are we all developing split personalities (yes, I'm talking to YOU) but they are exponentially expanding in cyberspace. This could very well alter the course of the universe. We may need to solicit a team of research scientists from the Mmmmmmayo Clinic to rescue our collective rumps.

That blasted meme.

Nonetheless, I'm beginning to love the word meme. It sounds familiar somehow.

I may add narcissism to my current ailment.

Queen Meme
(Queen sounds so old. I want to be a princess).


Prometheus said...

Exactly why Prometheus did not do the book meme, for it would've resulted in a book series not unlike the Lord of the Rings.

Prometheus asks Queen Mimi not to feel old, for his Queen Amidala was young enough to be rescued from child labor.

All hail the Queen.

Bazza said...

That post is real stream-of-consciousness stuff Mimi. Did you mean to post it or just think it?
You are Queen of the Memes!

Peg said...

I know what you mean, Meme, er...I mean, Mimi!

Selecting a single book for each item was excruciating!

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Peg! Reading old posts and saw your comment.
Are you still blogging?
Good to "see" you....

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