Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Couric and Logan. Ya Gotta Be Impressed.

I'm watching, as we speak, Katie Couric's debut anchor in the most coveted newscast chair in the known world. As remarkable as this achievement is - though not surprising, given her intelligence and professionalism - my congratulations will not include phrases that whisper and insinuate that a human being of her gender has somehow managed to fiinnnnnallllly make it to the top. And I refuse to shout 'You go, girl."

Oh please.

In my book, Katie Couric's achievements have more to do with her willingness to be open and self-effacing with the public - in spite of what some may call "fluff" - than her journalism background and worldly intelligence. Those qualities are obvious; she's a woman, she's smart, get over it.
I like her warmth.
Don't you remember my
previous treatise on vulnerability??
I rest my case.
It's a lovely attribute. Brava, Katie.

There is another journalist/reporter I've been watching on the CBS News/60 Minutes for some time. A remarkable young woman named Lara Logan, who reported the lead story tonight on Couric's first watch. Not only is she stunningly brilliant (and just plain stunning), she can be seen most days traipsing around the Iraqi border wearing traditional Iraqi garb and whispering into a camera mic.
I've watched her report with bombs bursting behind her, mortar flying around, machine guns hammering and standing face-to-face with armed groups of extremists who hate foreigners.

While I should be digesting the political ramifications of her stories (and I do........eventually), what I'm really thinking is "how is her mother handling this?" or "If she were my daughter I'd disguise myself as a kidnapper and abscond her to safer ground somewhere with a good stern 'What were you THINKING child?!' lecture as we rode off on our borrowed donkey, or 'how does she take a bath?? Isn't she afraid?'
You know, the important stuff.

Just as I was about to finish my research and the story, I accidentally stumbled across Katie Couric's FIRST BLOG that launched just today (with a little help from her friends) Yes! It is true. Bloggers are taking over the world.

Now, some of you may have already noticed that CBS had a BLOGS tab at the top of their webpage but I'd never actually seen it before. So, of course, I had to welcome her to the blogosphere on this monumental day in history (like the 459 before me - although not all of them were kind) so I posted a comment.

Before you break out the GoGirl Champagne bottle, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, the comment feature post actually worked on my computer and posted before the screen froze again.

The bad news.....the font was all scrunched together in my schizophrenic browser and I could hardly see what I was typing. The blog launch is new and there were no edit options.
Before I could take back the dreaded PUBLISH click and remove that unneeded apostrophe dangling in the first word - you heard me - not the second, or the third, or even the thousandth - the first - and just as I muttered 'that word does not look right' - it was gone.

Signed Sincerely, Mimi Lenox.
It could only happen to me.

You can stop laughing now, my friends.

OK. OK. Get a hold of yourself. On with the story.
I personally think my grammar faux pas was a warning wink from the cyber gods and cosmic payback for posting all those 'terrible speller stories' on
Dating Profile of the Day. Have I learned my lesson? Will I write a kinder gentler spoof site on dating?

Not on your life.
But I will fix my browser and get new glasses.

Because any day now - did you notice how I called her by her first name? (thank goodness I spelled her name right) -
I know she will surely contact me for a cyber-chat. We'll talk about getting our nails done and grocery coupons and blind dates. You know, the important stuff.

Who cares if my apostrophes escaped and landed in the wrong spot! She won't mind.
Will she?


JR's Thumbprints said...

Katie is so down to earth, one can't help but listen to her. She's already a hit with me. What amazes me the most is: how did Barbara Walters ever get so big?

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for stopping by, JR. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception a 'kinder gentler' newscast receives.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Katie's breezy style. She does come off as authentic, so if she's not, that's a great thing she has going. I hope she does well and doesn't have a Dennis-Miller-on-Monday Night-Football trajectory as an anchor. Great post!

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