Thursday, September 14, 2006

City Bloggers

I recently did a Google search on the word "blogging" and specifically, "who are bloggers." It's fascinating to note the current discussions on the web about the impact of blogging across the land. It's not just a buzz word anymore. Journalists, political factions and industries are taking bloggers more and more seriously.

I hope it doesn't come down to government regulations and blogging restrictions in general. Free speech is still the glue that holds it all together and should be.

Here are a few links to sites that hosts regional bloggers. You have your
Chicago bloggers your NYC bloggers and your DC bloggers complete with directories by subway line location and mailing lists to boot.
You might find this interesting. I know I did. There are some great blogs listed, too!


Bazza said...

Thanks for those links Mimi. I had a look at the Chicago and NYC lists and there seems to be many different styles of blogs there. I am going to go back later and take a looooooonnnngggg look!

Lizza said...

I do hope nothing like blogging censorship comes to pass. But there are areas in parts of the world where blogging is limited.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, an academic friend of mine has said, "Bloggers are taking over the world." Frankly, what writer wouldn't want to participate in a medium where there are no gatekeepers. I've made nearly 100 submissions of my writing thus far this year to gatekeepers. It sure feels good to just write and post my work on my own blog, sans gatekeepers. Interesting post.

Irene Tuazon said...

You got me hooked on your blog. I couldn't help but link your page to mine.

Keep at it, Mimi! c",)

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