Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday Mimisms ~ The World Needs A Little More Light

January 1, 2018 came in with a bang in my neighborhood. Literally. Out where the squirrels and I live, you hear many more gunshots than firecrackers in the woods nearby. People don't even wait until midnight to discharge their weapons.  I don't go outside on New Year's Eve past 8:00 pm, lest a stray bullet accidentally graze my naturally curly hair while I'm looking for fireworks and sipping fake champagne. 

And now we have the "Wolf Moon" rising tonight! The moon has come closer to us on the first full day of 2018,  peering into our holiday-tired living rooms, peeling back the outer and inner layers, connecting us ALL in one lingering gravitational pull towards its quiet hovering beauty - and to each other.  

Did you know that its name comes from Native American tradition? It was noted to appear during the time packs of wolves would encircle the camps at night during the coldest of winters. My Cherokee veins can relate to that. It is one of three Supermoons predicted to grace our presence this cycle, another one due on the last day of January.   Of course, being of sound mind and all things irrational at the same time - like any good pencil skirt worth her salt -  I believe in its transforming power.  Don't you?

Maybe the Universe is trying to tell us that we all need a little more light
to illuminate the darkness
expose what needs exposing
shine truth into corners where power silently corrupts 
and hatred rules boldly

Something about this moon tonight gives me

It's the first day of a brand new year.
I'm all in.

Images: Pixabay

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