Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Stealing ~ Staying In The Present

Thanks for the questions!
 Today we will attempt to answer meme questions. Again. This is getting to be a habit. Perhaps I can ease back into blogging-for-the-sake-of-blogging with a meme or two thrown in for good measure to get back in the blogging grove. Serious writing goes on the book (s)...yes, more than one. This is just for fun.  See how I compartmentalized that for you? Let us begin.
 (P.S. Apparently I missed the first 49 questions...)

50. What do you spend most of your money on? 
The Palace mortgage. It's getting more and more difficult to pay for the upkeep on the moat.

51. Would you rather visit the past or the future? 
Neither. I'd rather be in the Present. This is a life-lesson I've worked on in 2015. While learning from your past mistakes and successes is a good thing, your life will go nowhere if you don't move forward and let go of the past. It is equally destructive to live in the future or for the future. We have today. That is all I am responsible for at the moment. And today is good. And manageable. And enough.

52. Favorite clothing store? 
Ross. I can find the same dresses and skirts that the department stores carry at a fraction of the cost. Why not? I've a castle to upkeep! I don't like spending $100 on a dress...unless it's a special occasion. Then all bets are off.

53. What is the best advice you can give to those who are feeling down? 
Count your blessings. One by one. (There's an old song in there somewhere, do you hear it?)
Someone else is always having it worse than you are. This is NOT to dismiss my trials or your trials. They are still trials and life is still hard.  But when I'm feeling overwhelmed I start naming all the things that are going right. "I am thankful for my job. I am thankful for this lamp. I am thankful for these pencils. I am thankful for food in the cabinet. I am thankful for the floor, the ceiling, the plates, the washing powder...." you get the picture. 
 Then Homer tells me to stop.

54. How often do you think about your future? Does it scare you? 
As I said, I'm very good with planning and making sure things are taken care of (retirement, bills, work-related issues, the big stuff) but I'm consciously trying NOT to "think about the future"...WHY? Because it will scare me.

55. What angers you the most? 
 Self-serving mean people who prey on the weak for personal gain or profit.
This happens in politics, world affairs, government policy, personal relationships, in schools (bullying) and on down the line.  Is it too much to ask to 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?' Just be honest. Be nice. Be real. Be human.

56. When was the last time you got majorly angry? 
Majorly? When someone hurt my child.  When someone you love is hurting, you want to fix it. You hurt because they hurt. Anger really stems from hurt in all circumstances anyway. Naturally a mother's instinctive protectiveness kicks in and hell hath noooo fury like a mother's wrath. Trust me.
**aside** Then I had to forgive. And this past year I DID forgive that person. Because they asked for it. And it was good. Very good. Better than anger. Yes.

57. When was the last time you got really sad? 
When I had to leave someone I care about

58. Are you good at lying? 
No. I have noooo poker face. Wanna play cards?

59. What foreign language would you like to learn? 
I have a classical voice degree which requires one to sing in German, French, Latin, Spanish and English.  English, by far, is the hardest to phonetically decipher and properly enunciate. The rules of pronunciation are insane. Diphthongs are difficult.  German is a fun and hearty language. French takes some getting used to but is very sexy and romantic to sing. Spanish. I'd like to learn to speak more Spanish. I have to use it everyday in my work. Sometimes I don't get it just right!!
And laughter ensues....

60. How many languages can you speak and what are they?
Some German, some French, a lot of Latin (but who cares?) and a good deal of Spanish. See question #59

61. How often do you go to parties? If you don’t, what do you do instead? 
Our girlfriend-girl talk-outings qualify as "parties...."  EPIC fun.
Otherwise, only holiday parties unless it's someone's birthday.
 I just attended a lovely New Year's Eve party though! I'd forgotten....
62. What books do you plan to read this year? 
 I am currently reading Beautiful Boy by David Sheff based on a father's journey through his son's addiction. I started it over the holidays.  It is insightful and real. I don't typically read fiction- mostly biographies, historical accounts, self-help, philosophy or autobiographies. I make notes in the margins and highlight passages to come back to later.  There's always a stack of books in my house waiting to be read. AND I bought four new cookbooks yesterday. But that's another story...
63. Do you have breakfast every morning? 

Bloggingham breakfast
Without fail. Usually steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries and organic cinnamon, a cheesy egg omelette cooked with olive oil and organic decaf coffee with cream. Detailed enough?

                                   64. Tell us a secret. 


65. How many concerts have you been to?
Not enough. It's embarrassing to tell you! Oh, but I've performed in many classical concerts and performances, weddings, funerals, parties.....
 Does that count?

66. Last hug?
From this cute little guy

67. Who knows you better than anyone else? 
My son

68. Baths or showers? 
Depends. But both are long!
I used to take baths with Cheetos until I got diabetes. "No Cheetos for YOU!!" said the Cheetos Nazi person.I am "well-managed" now as they say with hardly any medication.  But I have to exercise like crazy to maintain the status quo. I don't want to go back to the Cheetos days. No thank you.
69. Do you think you’re ambitious? 
Ummm......yes...but only if I can stay true to who I am.

70. What song is stuck in your head? 
It's a jumbled up mess of music in there right now!!!! A regular symphony. But I'm trying to cast out the demonic Christmas tunes until next year.  I have a motion-activated Christmas ornament that keeps going off in the living room every time a bird flies by the window. I threw it under a chair. The ball, not the bird.

71. Countries you’ve visited?
Canada and Banister

72. What do you most value in your friends? 

73. What helps you to sleep better? 
Hugs and kisses. By a lot.

74. What is the most money you have ever held in your hand? 
Yesterday I held $900 million potentials in my hot little hand. Alas, I did not win Powerball.
Yet. But I'll be back to throw away another $2.00 on Wednesday...
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Mark In Mayenne said...

I held more money in my hand than you did! But my ticket didn't win either

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - If only.... There's always Wednesday. It has gone to 1.3 Billion now.

Shannon W. said...

I agree Mimi....everyone should be honest and be real!

Happy Sunday Stealing.

Mimi Lenox said...

So true, Shannon. Thanks for visiting me.

Mark In Mayenne said...

That's a lot. A million would suit me fine

Kwizgiver said...

I'd even be happy to split the jackpot! It's humongous!

Mimi Lenox said...

We didn't win, Kwiz. Boo hoo!!

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