Friday, July 18, 2014

Cinnamon Shakers and Porcelain Clocks

Day 10 ~ July 18
Friday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For

1. My friend and colleague of 20 years, who stumbled upon a houseful of antiques and picked things out just for me (when she could have kept them for herself)....It was like Christmas today! A box of surprises! And a German porcelain clock.

2. 33 gauge lancets

3. The 92-yr-old man I met today. I bought a box of glassware, china and odds and ends from him for the whopping price of $5.00. I spy a gravy boat in my grandmother's swirl pattern...which is not the most valuable thing in the box, but is the most precious to me.

4. Yellow tomatoes and cucumber salad

5. More blessings inside the box. I needed small shakers for cinnamon and pepper. Check! I needed a vinegar cruet. Check! Still going through the boxes (wait 'til I tell you the rest!!) ..I am grateful for boxes. And friends of twenty years.

 Day 9 ~ July 17

Thursday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

1. Light still penetrates darkness
2. Love still penetrates hate
3. Spirit still rises from ashes
4. Hope still breathes and moves
5. Mankind waits

Goodnight Friends

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1 comment:

Chrys Fey said...

Hi, Mimi! I'm visiting from She Writes.

I love to hunt for antiques, and yellow tomatoes and cucumber sounds like a refreshing salad for summertime.

I like that you're keeping track of things you're grateful for. We should all do that. :) What you put down for July 17th is very poetic.

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