Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Published

It has not escaped my attention that my first poem publication lands on April Fool's Day. While at first this caused a tad bit of concern, I now have to wonder, given my history in the strange-twists-and-turns-of-life thread running wild and free through the vein of my time here on Mother Earth, if celebrating a first printed work as an author isn't entirely appropriate for a Pencil Skirt like me.
I thought you'd agree.

It is a day to celebrate. And a day to give my beautiful grandson who inspired my heart to write. He is two years old now and just a joy. I call him Baby Beans here on the blog. Grandson #1 (my Baby Boy) has been written about a lot in these pages. Some of you know him quite well through our adventures. They are both precious to me, each unique and tethered to my psyche and pen.

Baby Beans and Me

The book is titled  Nothing Fills the Heart with Joy like a Grandson : Words to Let a Grandson Know How Much He Is Loved and my poem is called When You Sail, Kiss the Waters. Thanks to Blue Mountain Press (Blue Mountain Arts) for choosing a poem that means so much to me for publication and for being so wonderful to work with. The illustrations are delightful, capturing the true spirit of a little boy and the heart of his grandparents throughout 96 colorful pages of tributes from celebrated author-grandparents around the world.
On a walk with Baby Boy

I am also grateful that they acknowledged this blog of mine, Mimi Writes, in the book itself. (That should sufficiently motivate me to post!) To Patricia Wayant, Author and Editor, I wish you much success with this new collection.

And to my blog readers since 2006....thank you for reading my words. I will keep writing. We will keep blogging.

We had quite the celebration on Facebook (see below!) as many of you knew I've been here writing and working on my own book(s) for the longest time in the Blogosphere and dropped by to do what bloggers do best - encourage. This was a lovely surprise. Your enthusiasm and cheering made my day! I appreciate your comments and support more than you know. I hope you will check out the book on Amazon, as well as other beautiful collections and inspirational works published by Blue Mountain Arts, Inc. The company was founded by Susan Polis Schutz as a greeting card business over forty years ago.
I've waited a long time to say....(please indulge me)

There's something surreal and indescribable about seeing your name in printed publication and holding it in your hands for the first time. As wonderful as that is, it pales in comparison to holding this little guy's tiny foot peeking out from a green blanket on the day he was born.
Love to my son, my Baby Boy, and Baby Beans.
May you always find your way home.

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Michelle said...

Awesome news :)And I Love your post pictures, Mimi.

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent! Great congratulations. That's very cool.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Congratulations Mimi!

Sue said...

the tiny baby toe beans peaking out of the green blanket is an amazing photo...congratulations on the publication!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you all! I am blessed.

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