Saturday, June 15, 2013

What The Rain Did

"Here Cleo! Here Cleo! Come out come out...where are you, Cleo?"
No Cleo.  (Cleo is the very large black snake that lives under the porch. Just in case you didn't know..)
But I did find this.
Petunias in a pot where there used to be weeds in a pot. Just the other day I was prepared to throw the thing out. I thought I'd killed it for good. I guess Mother Nature had other ideas.

Life is like that too.
One minute you think all is lost and you're stuck in a trap. You can't go forward and you won't move back. And suddenly you realize that moving in any direction is better than the hold you're in. So you move. Things....and even people you thought you needed... just fall away.
To make room
for newer blossoms
and beautiful things

the likes of which you would have missed
 had you stayed immobile in the dying summer heat

It takes a little rain, a little dirt, a little pot, a little prayer
and before you know it
what you thought was dead


is just getting started

  all over again

but first you had to leave
The most beauty I found in the leaves.

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speedyrabbit said...


Mimi Lenox said...

Good morning, Speedy. I will try to keep them alive this time.

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