Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ Welcome To The Wild Wild West

Or perhaps the foresty version of Noah's Ark. Bloggingham is floating with animals. Everyday it's been something.

There is a frog - yes I said a frog - in the wall of my bathroom. I take a shower and I hear ribbit-ribbit. I run sink water and I hear ribbit-ribbit. This started on Tuesday. How in the heck-a-doodle (hat tip Vinny) did it get in here in the first place?  And forgive me PETA People but how long does it take a frog to die?

Visitation #2 - You all know I am home, right? Well, apparently so does half the forest.  Wednesday night an owl woke me up in the middle of the night screeching outside my bedroom window. Probably this lady, known as The Goddess of Athena. I was not in the mood for a pajama party at 3am. Sorry, Hon, maybe another day.

Visitation #3 - Between Tuesday's ribbits and Wednesday night's screeches I got my days and nights mixed up by Thursday. So, I am UP getting a snack in the middle of the morning-night at 5 am when I feel someone staring at me. Hoping it is not the frog or the owl, I see two very pretty prissy legsssss (hat tip Travis) through the French patio doors. Unless the owl grew legs and the frog became a mermaid I didn't know what to make of it and it was not hallucinatory pain med results. I hoped.
Doe. Duh. A deer. With the frozen headlights look hoping that the cast on my arm wasn't a hunting rifle. She stared for awhile and calmly walked away. I went back to morning-night and woke up sometime during the after-midday-noon that felt like midnight.  Did you get that, Bloggy People?

Visitation #4 - Friday. I decide to have my coffee on the deck. Brave woman that I am. The first thing I see when I open the door is a black cat. Right in front of me. Ummm....I don't have pets.  Well, at least I thought I didn't. I am beginning to wonder. After screaming an unutterable operatic dialogue in Italian that sent him and every other creature within a twenty mile radius scampering for cover,  I crossed out the bad luck and went back inside with my limping self. Do you really think with the luck I've had lately I want to cross that line?

Visitation #5 - Saturday. Squirrel at the kitchen window. In my book squirrels are just overgrown rats with bushier tails. Scared me witless. But if he was gathering nuts he came to the right place.

Meanwhile the frog is really getting on my nerves.

Visitation #6 - Sunday. Just when I thought it was safe to go back outside because I'm tellin' ya this frog is driving me insaaaane -er than I already am, first thing I see? A very large turtle! At the end of the walkway heading for my car. Like he wants to drive. What is this? Mimi's Ark? I live in the woods, not a swamp. He was beautiful and I wanted a closer look. So I turn to go back inside to get my camera so that my night-gowned self can take close-ups of the creature. This was certainly more exciting than wannabe-reptiles and rodents.
By the time I limped back with the camera, he had gone under the car and wouldn't come out.

You heard me. The turtle out-walked me.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed. 
It's almost morning night.

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Jamie White said...

At least you have variety. The only thing we get is every cat in creation sitting on the front porch begging to move in. "We know you speak fluent feline and we demand worship!!" Once you are marked as a sucker the parade never ends ... ribbet er meow

Charles Gramlich said...

Maybe you are Snow white and you just don't know it.

Akelamalu said...

A frog in the bathroom??? I can cope with critters - as long as they stay outside!

Red Shoes said...

A frog is "IN" your wall??? WtF?!?!?!

Now I understand your wondering how he got there... I read your comment, but obviously didn't read it for comprehension...


That's quite a menagerie you have there!!!

At least it isn't a mouse in the wall.. they stink to high Heaven when they die...


Mark In Mayenne said...

I hope you kissed the frog. You never know your luck.

Mark In Mayenne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Travis Cody said...

I say your zoo menagerie is there to cheer you. Are you cheered yet?

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