Friday, October 7, 2011

Reason #39 To Blog4Peace ~ Frank's Lily

Once upon a time in the virgin land of peace globes, two bloggers sat on opposite sides of the Canadian border trying their best to launch a peace movement that hadn't become a movement. Yet.
Frank and his lovely wife Lola, on the northern end of Grand Prairie Alberta and Mimi, somewhat south. Frank  was battling a snowstorm and loss of internet service. Mimi, a writer's block of epic consequence.

Both were collecting peace globes as fast as they could. It was like international Christmas Eve. Neither could believe what they saw in their inbox folder that night. One by one they began to come in. Frank set up a Picasa web album to catch them.

 I will never forget that feeling. I was full of awe and inspiration as the first BlogBlast For Peace unfolded before my eyes.

He sent me this photograph from Canada at almost the exact moment I discovered a little blue marble in the bottom of a wooden bowl - delivered by my own Papa many years ago
And I knew there was more to this story of the peace globes. 

And I knew I'd better set about discovering what. 

Reason #39 to Blog4Peace
Frank and Lola's little peace Lily
I like to think she was the youngest peace blogger ever.

Note: Frank's little Lily was born in the early spring of 2007

What will this year bring?

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011

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Peace beautiful that sounds :)

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