Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reason #37 To Blog4Peace ~ You wanna start something with me??!

Words start wars. 

Why can't words start peace?

Reason #37 to Blog4Peace


Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011


Travis Cody said...

As we say...I believe that words have power, so this matters.

Anonymous said...

What Travis said. :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

YES! Right on, Mimi!

Annelisa said...

I wanna start something...but it isn't a fight, it's a break from fighting! Y'know, the recognition of the value of words is pretty universal, and yet folks still end up being speechless. All we need to do is find a voice and communicate...and all we need to do is listen to those who are trying.
I reckon it's already started...let's just give it a chance to get going! :-)

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