Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Mimisms ~ I'm Not Going To Talk About BlogBlast For Peace

Can we talk? 
I said something today on my Facebook that startled even me. For a fleeting minute.
I wrote, "Oh, I know. You think I'm kidding.
Yeah right, Mimi. You've lost your mind. Pfffftt! You know I'm not kidding!! I'm going for more coffee. Join me if you dare."

Funny thing is, they know I'm not kidding and I know I'm not kidding but still, it seemed a bit bodacious. But I'm not here to talk about I won't.

It's just that...take little Baby Boy #2 who is now just over two weeks old in this bright new world. One day soon I'll watch him fly around a second base steal on to third and stop, look around, spit in the dirt and then maybe, just maybe, he'll take off for home plate on his own whim.  I'm not saying I don't want him to listen to his coach should the coach say STAY but sometimes you've just gotta run on your own intuition.

That is what his father (at left)  used to do way back in the day of Little League bliss. See that determination? See that spit in his eye? He never let the second strike worry him. The boy knew how to keep his eye on the ball and he knew how to run.

So my goal will remain as simple and bodacious as it's always been: every blog and every country. All of them. Fifty-five nations already flying the thing I am not going to mention is nothing to sneeze at. And today I corresponded with Romania, Angola, Belarus and Bahamas - all wanting more information.

Sometimes it's good to go back and think about the beginning of a thing.
How you felt about it. How it sparked you on the inside and made you tingle. How the whole thing unfolded and spun out of control right in front of your eyes until one day you found yourself sitting on the Internet making outrageous statements while people shook their heads and prayed for your deliverance. 

I don't know what it is about this movement but the more complicated it becomes for me in a technical sense, and the more important decisions I have to make about its future, the more I have to remind myself that the beginning is a fine place to start. So I go back. And I read what we all said when we didn't know what we were doing.
We just knew why we were doing it.

Admittedly there was an innocence then that now occasionally flirts with extinction. It's the way of  the world when a thing is growing. You have to stave off germs and roadblocks and naysayers and out and out evil intent at times. But I believe you prevail if the premise is pure. The bones and sinew of a movement are no less tenuous than a baby's soft spotted innocence you know.  Sometimes you have to fight to hold on to that spark.
  I try to revive it on the inside of me. Because if I lose the original intent - so do you. 

When blogs were blogs and Facebook was just a dream in some kid's head, we were the social networking of the internet.  The blogosphere was....well...the blogosphere. I kind of miss that feeling.
We could be boldly naive about a little old thing like worldwide peace and not blink a blog eye.  I wrote that bloggers were taking over the world one globe at a time before I even saw the first launch.
 (Artist and peace blogger: Alicia M.B.Ballard, White Rock, British Columbia)

I was inspired that you were inspired. I was mesmerized by little blue globes sent to me from afar. Each one attached to a person like myself in another land, another life, another existence different than mine who just wanted what we all wanted collectively - peace.
I asked myself, even then, in this post how I could speak with such confidence about an idea that was barely two weeks old. My answer was, "Because I have unwavering faith in the power of words."

I still do.
That has never changed. Not because there are now thousands upon thousands of words but because the words carry meaning and power. It is their substance that distinguishes and propels this movement.
You can't keep a thing like a home base steal quiet for very long.
I see that spit in your eye.

Reason #14 To Blog4Peace ~ Honoring Origins

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011

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Travis Cody said...

I like it when you don't talk about Blog Blast. Just two weeks to go.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this, Mimi. Rock on! It feels very much like a transformation of consciousness is trying very hard to happen on this planet. The Occupy movement may be part of it - the 99% tired of struggling while the 1% get a free pass.......countries holding uprisings to unseat oppressive this time of unrest, I have to believe it is the birthing pangs of a planet longing for peace. Out of all of this may come the thousand years of peace that have been prophesied - and if we manage to stay peaceful for a thousand years, then why stop? You - one single person on this planet - started a movement and it is growing and growing........because all hearts long for peace and happiness.........because we know peace cannot be achieved by war. The time is now.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Hi Mims, been meaning to congratulate you on birth of grandchild No. 2. This from boy only just kept on rails? Good karma!

Fisher and Staff said...

I love your writing and I love that you are out there blogging!

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