Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blue River On A Cloudy Day

It wasn't a blue day at all.
Even though I did get my skirt wet
"This is what it's like to go on an adventure, he said. I'm going to look for seashells under those rocks."
OK, Baby Boy, but I think it's tooooo cold and the river is tooooo high for you to find much today."
"But why?"
"Just what I said. You found seashells during a drought before. We've had rain. You can't find them now. We'll have to come back in the summer."
"Just what I said, Baby Boy."
"We'll come back."

"You see... I 'splained, "if we were REAL explorers we'd have measuring thingies and scientific instruments to measure our empirical evidence. We don't have measuring thingies and magnifying glasses with us today."
"Tell me! Tell me more!"
"About what?"
"What ELSE would real explorers do, Mimi?"
"Well...they would gather all the evidence. They would look under every nook and cranny (and then we had a long discussion about what a nook and cranny was but never mind that now) and they would take everything back to their laboratory and examine it to determine the geological and historical significance you see...and....well, Baby, we don't have a laboratory today."
"But we can explore anyway."

"Sure we can!"
"What would explorers do?"
"They would explore, Baby Boy."
**DUH look from Baby Boy**
"WE'RE explorers."
"Uh huh...but..I don't want you out on that rock cause I can't go with you today and you might fall (which was more the truth than the river water scary talk)
"I won't fall, Mimi."
"But I'm wearing a skirt and if you DID lose your balance I couldn't fly over there fast and help you ya see...."

 I had on a long groovy skirt (see?) and tennis shoes (that you will not see) for this treacherous walk in the middle of post winter/almost spring weather.
I had to laugh.
"I could trip and fall, Baby Boy!" (somebody tell him that's happened before)
"So that means we can go back to the big rock and look some more. I'll hold your hand," he said.
"Come back here, Baby Boy! Don't make me fly over there in this skirt."
I'm going exploring, Mimi Come ON!"

That boy is hardheaded.

When we looked at the photo effects later he exclaimed, "It looks like the ocean!  
The rocks turned into the ocean.  I'm walking on the water!!"
And I'm thinking ...You walk on water alright, child.
You're doing that finger wrap thing pretty good too.

Photography credit Mimi Lenox


Anonymous said...

I love the photo effects and Baby Boy is growing up so fast!
Wear you sneakers and jeans next time you go s'ploring ;)

Mimi Lenox said...

He is a big boy now and I'll soon have to stop calling him Baby Boy.

Ferd said...

Yes, really nice special FX!
And yeah, I'm surprised he still lets you call him Baby Boy. But then again, maybe its your own little special thing. He probably loves it. :-)

Travis Cody said...

Now I'm telling you to stop it right now. It isn't often I just want to go back and be 7 again. This post made me want to, and that's 40 years ago and I can't do it.

So stop making me want to.

P.S. Only our Mimi wears a fancy skirt on an exploration.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ferd - He is the most snuggly little guy you've ever seen. I hope he never tires of snuggles and Mimi love.
I won't tire of it for sure.
Not ever.

Mimi Lenox said...

Travis - LOL. I will not stop it. You can explore with us anytime. Put on your boots and bring your exploring thingies.
And don't forget the magnifying glass!

**I need to buy some jeans.**

Akelamalu said...

Children never see danger do they? Especially 7 year old boys who like exploring. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

They only see the wonder.

The Gal Herself said...

I was moving along with the adventure and then you distracted me with the skirt. What a great pattern! Do you watch What Not to Wear? I can just hear you in front of the 360ยบ mirror, explaining to Clinton & Stacy why this is the perfect outfit for exploring. I bet you can sway them to your POV.

But the joy in that last photo, the one with the upstretched arms, reigned me back in. That's a terrific photo.

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