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Internationally Acclaimed Artist Alicia M B Ballard Blogs For Peace with a Brand New Creation called "Pace"

Pace by Alicia M B Ballard with collaboration of photographer Aamir Mohammed  from California

 I have often said that complete immersion in one's art is the  salvation - and genius- of originality. That takes courage. Alicia Ballard knows something about that.
Her riveting account of life as a child living during the era of the Hungarian revolution and the seeing firsthand the effects it had on her family has always been at the core and depth of experience found when you view her work.  She has chosen to let the memories and images seep  into her paintings.

And now she has chosen to move forward into even deeper waters of hope, but not just any ole' hope, but hope borne into a mix of reality, as only a person with richness of life experiences can do. I think that when any artist, whether it is words on a blank page of poetry and prose or oils on a canvas of digital collage, or a musician composing a rhapsody or rock song,  reaches back into their past and brings it forward into new reality, it weaves a promising thing - and the result is always powerful. More  importantly, it is always true.

Along with amazing photographer Aamir Mohammed at the website Dreaming In Pixels they have collaborated on this year's peace globe creation. She writes:
  I sent him the  photos and explained what I was looking for... not "quite possible" but,  his knowledge and ingenuity managed to bring to life my concept! Of  course, I (also) weeped when I first saw it...

 Her Facebook page lit up when it was first posted. 
And of course, I wept too.

She describes the work displayed in the sidebar of The Terra Studios as a  "Mixed media collage/pastiche, in preparation for international Blogblast for Peace. Peace, as Freedom are worthless if not practiced every day.

I wrote to her when she first sent it to me October 22, 2010...."OK. I keep saying that I'm incapable of being more humbled or moved by this movement than I already am...wrong again. To see your original painting (which I have always adored) standing on its own, being reminded of how much I loved it back then and then to see it merged into the fabric of this newer work is....well....the evolution and composition is breathtaking. The colours bold and true. Fluid. (so you). Transformation. Life. The flow of it. All encompassing a world of hope EVEN as you wrote such beautiful words in your email of stark reality.
Deep deep waters of truth here.
And painted as only you could have done.

It was more than worth the wait."

Seen here The Collage version

The original painting "Paz" from 2006 (seen above) has merged and evolved into "Pace" 2010.
She explained a bit about the evolution of the work:

"When I originally painted "Paz" I was (obviously) in much different frame of mind...
I no longer can view peace in such an utopic manner.
Peace, we as people, have possibly never experienced and ever desired. As individuals we seek peace, balance, happiness.
As a people, generally we speak of the same; however, the reality in not such, never was.
Peace often is a tentative, fragmented, hopeful, damaged ideal and experience. Even individually, it is a moment. Often, as balance, a fleeting moment.
Thus, "PACE" reflecting these conflicting experiences, coming together/pulling apart, yet, ever hopeful for a different conclusion, as represented by the doves as the center, as a target/aim."

And so it is. Hope in the struggle. Perfectly said. That is reality. We are not puff and fluff, nor just  meaningless words on a graphic. The work, our work, has indeed come alive and continues to grow and reach out to many mediums and avenues of expression. This is just one of the many amazing creations in the works for November 4th.

We are so honored to have this work by Alicia M B Ballard dedicated to this year's BlogBlast For Peace.
My friendship with her began in 2006 when she flew a peace dove into my heart and spirit. So many of you did the same thing with your offerings and writings. My connection with her and the jolting effect her paintings have always had on me...continues to bless my spirit and inspires me to keep reaching.

Some things do come around full circle.
Peace should  be one of them.
Find out more about the artist here. A biographical synopsis: "Aliicia M B Ballard (Ujhelyi) ~ I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Came to Canada in 1969. Made my  home in several western cities until moving to White Rock, BC. in 2004. While I was a prolific painter in my 20’s, life intricacies lead me on  another path, up until late 2006 when, in full circle I found myself  painting again! I am self-taught, which makes for an exciting and wholesome continuous  adventure. In the past four years I managed to hang (in the Lower Mainland), seven  Solo Exhibits and, a recent Joint Show, “The Unmistakeable Chroma  Divas”.The 2009/10 season has been a whirlwind internationally, beginning with an invitation for the International Contemporary Art Exhibit II, at the Museum of the Americas, Miami, Flo. which, moved on to Argentina (5 different cities), while reproduction of the same work found simultaneously its way to Mexico City and Cancun. Other works made their way to Civitanova Marche and Naples, Italy. A couple more to, New York and Barcelona, Spain. Also, the International MiniArt Faces exhibit in Brazil, to be shown in Vancouver in 2011."

This image with on a card with only the Pace inscription may be purchased directly from Alicia  contact her for details. Paz is also available here.

Continue the journey with me.
Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2012
 #blog4peace #peace

You have a voice.
What will you say?


Jaffer said...
The story, the painting, the coming together of all the pieces and uniting into a movement for peace - everything !

That's all I have got to say.

I am scrolling up to read again.

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Thank you dearest Mimi for your kind words, support and friendship.

And a huge, separate thank you for your continued effort and dedication to such noble cause.

Love you lots.

Annelisa said...

I remember...I remember so well...

In November 2006, I was scrolling through the blogs, jumping from peace post to peace post, being awed by the commitment, the energy, the enthusiasm for peace. I was immersed and focussed.

Then I came to Alicia's blog...and stopped! I fell in love with that dove right there and then! So beautiful. So...peacefull. So...breathtaking.

For me, Alicia's dove has always symbolised that first search through the blogosphere, and the first moment when I really, well, understood the meaning, the importance of artwork so poignant as Alicia's.

Thanks for sharing this, Mimi!

Travis Cody said...

Thanks so much for sharing this one. I have a feeling I'm going to miss a lot of amazing words and Peace Globes this week, since I don't do FB.

But that's OK. The movement is getting so big that it's to the point where it's difficult to see them all, and that is a good thing.

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