Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Surrendered To the Pirate

How can a girl with only one eye not participate in
Talk Like A Pirate Day?

The truth is I boycotted this international event (reaaaally?) because I'm jealous. They have a page in Wikipedia and BlogBlast For Peace does not. Scandalous!
So I refused to be piratey until....mon amie Miss Lizza from the Philippines made this eye patch for my one and only public eye.
It's cute. And it didn't even mess up my hair.

I shall sport it even though at first glance it looks a bit like one of those bunny girls on a magazine doesn't it? If so, don't tell me.
It's only for one day.

Maybe my mother won't see it.

And besides we have decided to swoon over Johnny Depp today. Please, if you get a chance, talk to the Powers That Be at Wikipedia and start another petition. Tell them we're all going to show up on November 4 en masse anyway so they best be prepared for the onslaught.....but we will not be carrying swords. I just checked again and found International Lefthanders Day too! Is there no justice in this world?


No pirates were injured in the making of this post.


Akelamalu said...

It's scandalous that Blogblast for Peace hasn't got a wiki page! Who do I write to?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"No pirates were injured...." very cute!

Red Shoes said...

My dear Aunt Winnie... Bless her soul... was interested in tracing roots and family trees long before it became the "in thing" to do. She was always calling to tell us to whom we were related or from who we were descended... and at some point in time, the phone calls stopped.

I asked my Mom one day why Aunt Winnie hadn't call anymore about the family tree stuff... and Mom replied that Winnie had discovered something that upset her. Of course I HAD to know... and it was that our family is directly descended from Jean Lafitte, the infamous pirate of New Orleans...

How cool is that?!?!?!

I don't have an eye patch... :o(

But... this one fellow at work one day was sporting one of those eye patch things... I approached him, slapped him on the back and told him that I hadn't received the memo about that day being 'Pirate Day'...

He then tells me that he's slowly going blind in that eye!

Hell, I hadn't received THAT memo either!!!!

ARRRRGGGHHHH to you on 'Talk Like a Pirate Day...'


Finding Pam said...

Cute patch, Mimi, I am glad that no pirates were injured. LOL!

My sissy and I haVe Southern Day where we speak like the genteal southern women we are. We did it last Thanksgiving just to get a wry out of family members. My Hubs always joins in and he doesn't even realize he has done so.

It is a must if you haven't tried it, but then again being from North Carolina you probably already speak southern. LOL!

Charles Gramlich said...

What about a "talk like a southerner day?"

Jamie said...

I think it's time to write to the powers that be at Wikipedia again. This horrendous oversight must be abolished. For goodness sake they have Towel Day which I make a point to celebrate and it's not like I'm expecting any Vogons reciting poetry to show up anytime soon.

Travis Cody said...

i thought about boycotting the pirate day, but then I realized that it's not the pirate day's fault that Wiki inconsistently applies its own rules.

Mimi Lenox said...

Where, oh where, is the looooong comment I wrote here? It is missing!!

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