Sunday, October 25, 2009

Global Thinking of A Gigantic Kind

What do peace bloggers say? Hear their cry. One blog at a time.

"We cannot control those who make the decisions about war or absence of war. We cannot control the troubled minds that seek out conflict or violence against others or themselves. We cannot control each and every motive and decision that affects our world.

What we can control is the way we think. What we think has very real effect. What we think is more important than policy, regulation, deregulation, the price of oil, wallstreet, mainstreet or the next Saturday Night Live skit.

The way we think in our own lives changes everything for us and for everyone who comes in contact with us and this is true of us as a nation, a global village, and as a planet.

If we could train our minds to truly see peace, we would have it. Not in a "poof, there's peace" way but I think it would be in measurable, visible ways for those with an eye to see them.

It's powerful. It cannot fail. If we do this together, the Universe will make it happen. I promise

So sayeth Lisa Plummer from Groggy Froggy in Roanoke, Virginia peace globe #1295.What will you say?

Join us November 5th

**Please continue to pray for my dad. And thank you for all the emails and cards that are really lifting my spirits.


Lisa said...

Wow! I am humbled. Thank you Mimi!

Ferd said...

Amen to what Lisa said!

Daily prayers for your dad and your family.

Mike Golch said...

Ferd,I second that one.

Mojo said...

A different spin on the idea of "Think Globally, Act Locally".

And well put.

Holding you and your dad close to my heart.

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