Thursday, August 27, 2009

You and Me and Lifehouse and Globes

Whenever I hear "You and Me" by Lifehouse I am immediately transported back to October, 2006. I'd just written a blog post called "Dona nobis pacem in the Blogosphere" and laid down a challenge for my readers. Readers? What readers?

I had ten. Maybe.

And then out of the blue.....52 people responded and thought it was a great idea. I remember saying "I didn't know 52 people read my blog."

Nearly three years later, we are about to launch our 6th BlogBlast For Peace with thousands of bloggers and 48 countries participating.

Sometimes it helps to go back to the start.
This was not a grand well thought out plan and design. It just fell out on the blog page.
I simply sat down and wrote a post. Period. This is what I wrote on October 12, 2006:
"Inspiration struck today in the form of memories;
stirred by the sight of a single engine plane accidentally crashing into a New York building and further cemented by yet another news story on North Korea's testing of nuclear weapons. Reality has been harsh today, to say the least.What can we do? It started me thinking.

Imagine a day like this.......You turn on your computer, crank up Blogger or Typepad or Wordpress and you realize that
something is very strange. Someone or something is playing a huge cosmic joke. Wouldn't it be AWESOME if on one particular day......

All bloggers everywhere signed their blog name
across a globe and all posted the SAME POST on the SAME DAY...

What IF...
every person who clicked through the
saw hundreds - even thousands - of posts that said the SAME
What IF...........every post on November 7, 2006 was simply titled
"Dona Nobis Pacem" with a picture of our big beautiful world in
the body of the post with each blogger's name screaming a great big GRANT US
**I stumbled on a graphics program in my computer I'd never even used before and scratched this out. I'd never done anything like that before. It came out like this**
The Peace Globe

What if......
... we added the power of the written word - and our blog names -
to the face of our world?

A world that Rhys from A World of Bloggers has already envisioned as intertwined. A world that Lizza and Irene take the time to share with us through pictures and beautiful sentiments. A world that Frank saw as having grand artistic potential and merit by inviting people to swipe their blog souls in crayon on a wall.
A world - much of which I've never seen- that many of you create for me with words. A world that so many of us have already begun to realize is smaller than we ever imagined. When something catastrophic happens in your neighborhood, I, as your blogger friend and colleague, can draw your hurt a little closer to my own understanding. Politics, religion, rhetoric and rant make no difference to me in the cyber cul-de-sac.We are comrades in community, a mouse click away from visiting a friend, sharing a cup of coffee over a good read, debating, learning, growing. Can we effect change by sending a silly graphic around the globe with childlike scribblings and paint-by-number glee? Will it really matter?
I can only answer for myself.
And if I believe that words are powerful -
then this matters.
That was the beginning. Word for word.
Let's move it forward. I'm so ready for a new day of peace in so many respects. Aren't you?

Click her for complete instructions on how to become a part of movement. If you need helping creating a globe, let me know. There are people such as Vinny, Travis, Sanni, Mojo, Mimi and others standing by to help you.

How To Get Your Peace Globe 2009

Copyright Mimi Lenox 2006-2014


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I have posted my reminder and it will run on top until Sunday at noon.

I hope you have a great day and get some new sign ups.!

Akelamalu said...

Here's to more and more Peace Globes in November. :)

Jamie said...

My reminders just stay full time on my side bar. Nagging is a good thing.

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't know if I know this song. The video link didn't work, but I can't remember ever hearing it.

Bond said...

Standing by ready to help if needed your Majesty

Anonymous said...

I love that song and I will have to make a globe. My computer had a virus on it and I had to do a system recovery but as soon as all my stinking updates are finished I will work on one.


Mimi, have I ever told you I think you are amazing?

Travis said...

Always willing to assist!

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