Monday, August 24, 2009

The Queen's Meme #7 ~ Mutiny! Mutiny! Mutiny!

So I challenged my royal memers to a little swim in the ocean. The Queen's Meme # 7 is the Message In a Bottle Meme. Oh....the excuses I've heard thus far.
1. "I'm having technical difficulties."
2. "This is nuts!"
3. "I don't have a graphics program."
4. "What is a graphics program?"
5. "I hate the Queen."

I just have one thing to say to you, my little royal memers above and anyone else who dares cross me today:

Go straight to the dungeon.
Do not pass Go.
Do not collect $200

I'll be back in a moment with more late-breaking peace globe news.
I have jet lag and I am none too happy.
I'd better see some bottles floating in the bloggy ocean when I return.
Did you hear that Vinny? Did you organize this revolt? Glitterbaby? Dawn? (well, she did survive a hurricane, so I think she has an excuse), THOM??? Are you bailing too? Chicken....just sayin.


Anonymous said...

Pffft "Your Hineyness" remember tb the time you scribble the royal instructions I have to be to work and hence "Your Jigglyness" mine never goes up before 10 pm Hawaiian time. Did "Her Royal Tugboat" not receive my three messages thou faithful subject sent earlier today?

Finding Pam said...

Oh my.... all of the items # 1-4 apply to me, but not # 5.

This was really difficult because:

1. I don't know how to do this.

2. I had nothing profound to message in my bottle, but I did because you are so nice, despite what some may say about you Mimi.

3. I don't have any new blog friends to tag, so I tagged some of my old ones in hopes that they will join in the fun.

4. When I figure out how to email my bottle to you I will do it next.

5. Time is ticking away and this certainly did take a lot of time.

6. You must have a lot of time.


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Thom when will you learn to suck up properly? You cannot say "Your Jigglyness" in a suck up sentence.

Xmichra said...

ARRR me'highness, looks ta me like you be needin a deck hand to swab this here bloggy of the barnicles and excuses! Yer be'in a far might sweet'r fer these scurvy dawgs, rustlin down 'n yer nice cozy dung'n... if ey we'r ta sail yer bloggy, ey'd be a yell'n mess! TO THE PLANK WITH YE OF EXCUSES! YARR!

Anonymous said...

pffft...maybe she wont notice ya think? LOL...besides I'm just sticking with the story that you told me Dawn to say that...I'm new to this kingdom and since you are my mentor, I do as told :)

Akelamalu said...

I did it, I did it! :)

Anonymous said...

I did mine, though it is a bit dark. I should have lightened the text up a bit. Oh well.
The excuse of no graphics program cannot be used if one has comes with Windows Paint. That's what I used.
Oy, Thom, I have a feeling you are in the dungeon for life. Sorry man!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A graphics program? I think that's in the 'advanced' section. I have just got past page 2.

jennifer said...

See.... Thom tagged me and all and I wanted to accept his tag and so I didn't do the meme but I will later on this week just not today but it all started because Thom tagged me.


Thom did it.

Julie said...

So do some people just kinda ignore you this day of the week?

**runs off very quickly**

Allie said...

The queen does not need to swim - she has minions do that for her. They will retrieve the crown and maybe get a pirate chest of gold and jewels to apologise for touching the crown... right?

Travis said...

If anyone needs any help with this, I'm happy to assist.


That was NOT sucking up!

THIS is sucking up...Mimi, my Queen, my post will be up on Thursday. This is one of my all time favorite memes and I'm glad you decided to let your subjects play again.

**bows, tips hat**

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