Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mars??! I Thought I Was Venus!

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. We all know that. Then why, oh why, did I receive an award from the testosterone side of the universe? There is not a manly swagger in my arsenal of pencil skirt strides I'll tell ya!

This is what Michelle had to say, "I know Mars seems an odd choice for a peace award, but you can fight for peace, with swords lain down and exchanged for mightier pens." Well said.

The Planetary Awards from Michelle at Crow's Feet was a lovely surprise in my inbox. How poetically she wrote....

"for fighting spirit and unflinching opposition to the wrongs of this world" for BlogBlast For Peace.

Oh. Well, that's different.

Thank you, Michelle. I am honored but I must say that all peace bloggers deserve this award.
The other recipient of the Mars Award is Amias, who writes a fascinating blog called The Magic Of Integrated Circuits.

Michelle Frost is an African native currently living in Scotland. Her wildly successful poem
"Homeland" has made its mark in literary circles. She won 2nd place in the 2001 Klein Karoo (South Africa) Arts festival for her short story called " “e-rupsie/e-ruption". Michelle's first book was first published in January 2009 and is sure to be a hit. First Light is available on her blog.

I'd like to pass this honor to all on the growing list you see below. You are spectacular planetary revolutionary peace bloggers.
Please pass it on.
Michelle was the first peace blogger from Zimbabwe in November 2008.
She is peace globe #1297.
Now that's a beautiful constellation.

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Autumn said...

I love that song!

Julie said...

Oh yes! Cat Stevens! I don't care what ANY one has to say about him! I love his music!

Julie said...

"Peace train is sounding louder"!

Yup I'm youtubing again!

Ferd said...

Didn't I just call you a peace warrior!?!
You deserve this award, big time!

Starrlight said...

You really are the spirit of this award, Mimi =)

Mark said...

Congrats on the award! You are honored in many ways.

The Gal Herself said...

I love Cat Stevens' music. And I'm glad to see you're fast becoming the Meryl Streep of blog awards. Too bad they're elusive cyber trophies. I'd love to see Her Majesty on the red carpet on a regular basis. None of those dowdy QE get ups for you. I'm seeing Dolce and Gabbana, something with a slit to show some leg ...

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks all. I appreciate any and all awards so much. Your comments were lovely.

Gal: Streep, eh? And a slit?

Michelle said...

Hey Mimi
You made me feel more awarded than you! Thank you for making me the star in your planetary award speech.


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