Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monday Mimisms with Mimi Queen of Memes ~ I'm On A Cuddle Cleanse

I've seen this meme out and about in several places in blogland but I don't know the originator. If it is yours, please claim it. Otherwise, thank you. I will treat it well. I took the liberty of shortening it a bit. And since it's my first meme of the New Year I've decided to TAG the entire universe. You knew that was coming sooner or later didn't you......and let's not, shall we, forget about the dreaded dungeon, my little peeps. (What is a peep anyway?) It's still there. I'm still Queen. And most of you are still in it. To tell you the truth, I'm gettin' a little tired of your endless whining about the food and service. You KNEW when you signed up for this gig (are you listening single guys?) that I can't cook, can't clean (are you listening??!) and can't keep a housekeeper. Let's get on with it, okay? Time's a wastin'!

The Meme With No Name

When was the last time you splurged on a gift for yourself? I bought a dishwasher. That was a necessary splurge.

Have you ever bought yourself a gift for Christmas, Valentines Day, a birthday or any other occasion and then wrapped it up and pretended it was from someone else?

That would be totally insane.
Who does that?!!

Have you ever sent yourself flowers, chocolates or anything else to your place of employment so it seemed as if someone else were sending you a gift?

Dr. Freud here. Knock knock. You didn't get much attention as a child, did you.......

How often do you text message?

Only when I'm ordering flowers for myself.
They don't know it's me that they?

Is there someone you'd like to fix things with?

The delivery man. He keeps asking for a tip for all this trouble..

Are there any previous relationships you wish could have lasted longer?

Only if they were good.

When do you blow out the candles?
After they're lit. When do you?

Do you give out second chances too easily?
And thirds.
But I never forget.

What's the next big life decision you will have to make?

What carat diamond I want to give myself. This relationship has progressed so fast!

If you could cuddle with anyone right now, who would you pick, and why?

I'll get back to you on that one. I'm currently on a cuddle-cleanse.

Who is probably talking a load of crap about​ you right​ now?
I heard that!

Who was the last person to REALLY piss you off?

A true story: The idiot who rang the doorbell on New Year's Eve and ran away. But I got his license plate number. The police are on it.
Don't people have anything better to do? I just hope it wasn't the florist.

Would​ you ever want to be a super​model​?​
That is so funny I nearly fell out of my chair. I think not.

Your motivation​ for tomor​row?​
Warm cozy blanket + a couch.
I'm down with
Elvis in Aloha From Hawaii. (When did I start saying "down with?") And "peeps"...checking my temperature.

Do you know what you will wear tomor​row?​
A grass movie skirt. Akelamalu said I could borrow hers.

What is the last thing you put your lips against?

My coffee cup.
(photo circa Nov 2006 during peace globe mania. I'm awake now...)

Have you ever gone two or more days without changing your under​wear?
Oh my God!! Of course not.

Have you ever accidentally eaten​ an insec​t?​
Haven't we all? I prefer nicely sauteed fireflies during barbeques in the summer.
Always tasty.

What seria​l kille​r do you find most disturbing​?

I find them all most disturbing!!!!!
Are you KIDDING me?

Are you ever purposely irritating​?

What was the last thing you used your debit card for?
Ordering myself a birthday bouquet.......

Are you cheat​ing on your significant other right now?
As Lee once pointed out to me, all my "others" are significant - some more than others - but all significant.

Are you contemplating cheating on your significant other right now?
I am contemplating cheating on this meme and putting it - and you -
out of your misery.

When was the last time you sat down and watched kiddie cartoons?

On purpose??
Bumpity Boo and I have a date every week or so. Baby Boy loves to talk to cars. I hope he loses that notion when he turns 16.

Do you sleep​ with one leg out from under​ the cover​s?​

Only when I sleepwalk.

Do you have any text messages that you would be embarrassed to let your mom read?

The last one said, "You left your tie on my nightstand."I accidentally sent it to the florist.

How old do you think​ you will be when you final​ly have kids/your next kid?

That ship sailed and sank with the Titanic.

Have you ever thoug​ht about​ converting​ to a new religion?

No. I don't believe in religion. I believe in God. There is a difference you know.

Do you know anyone with the same first name as you?
None. And how many people do know with the last name Pencil Skirt?

When was the last time you went to church?
A few weeks ago. But it wasn't a religion, I swear!

What song plays on your Myspace profile page?
MySpace is for teenagers. I have one but it's about peace globes.
If a few million teenagers took notice, we'd be in business.

Do you know anyon​e that smoke​s pot?
Everybody knows somebody who smokes pot.

What were you doing the last time you were in the bathroom?
Looking in the mirror. DUH!!

Have you ever had a Razr as a phone​?

What is a Razr? Sounds sharp. Is it anything like a Sharpie?

Which energy drink is better; Amp or Rocks​tar?​

Rockstar is a meme, not a drink. See? The name of my band is Shi'ite.Yes. Really.

Would​ you rathe​r eat a Milkyway or eat a Twix?​
Oh the depth of these questions. Three Musketeers.

TIME OUT for a mini Mimi vent: OK. Now I KNOW teenagers wrote this meme. Phones, candy bars, MySPace, POT??!

Do you like that new shoe smell​?​
I like the new car smell. Who smells their shoes?

Do you like the taste​ of licorice?

Would​ you ever walk aroun​d with a free hugs sign like the dude on youtu​be?

He lies. I asked him for a hug. He said I couldn't cook so no I got no game. (Game?? I said "I got no game??!") Checking temperature....

Did you ever flip out on a teach​er and walk out of a class​?
High school. I didn't flip but I walked out. They made me go back the next day. It was so unfair. They totally missed the point I was trying to make.
Do you/​did you ever have dream​s of being​ a rocks​tar?
umm.....A singer, but not a rocker. I sang to a broom handle in my room like every great American kid in the 70s. Wanna make something of it?

If veget​arian​s think​ its wrong​ to eat livin​g thing​s,​ why do they eat plant​s?​
Why do they eat cheetos???! Cheetos are plants.
That question keeps me up at night.

And now for the fun part. Accept the tag and avoid the dungeon or consider it New Year's Link Love from me to you. And thanks to those who have recently added me to their blogrolls and following lists per Technorati link stats. I tried to include you here.
If I missed anyone, please help yourself to this dungeon-dodging exercise.
Oh! You're new? You don't KNOW about the dungeon?
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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    And the next person to tell me to take off my Santa hat gets no dinner.

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    Giggles said...

    I'm off to the dungeon....I can't possibly top you on this meme miss pencilskirt....queen of the memes! Very fun...but I decided to put fear to the with me what you must....oh and it's snowing here too...loads of snow in British Columbia!!

    Loved your witty answers! You're the best Ms, Peaceglobe!

    Hugs Giggles

    meleah rebeccah said...

    I loved allof your answers but my favorite was:

    Have you ever accid​ental​ly eaten​ an insec​t?​

    Haven't we all? I prefer nicely sauteed fireflies during barbeques in the summer. Always tasty.


    avtcoach said...

    This was too funny..You are a trouper for getting through all of those questions and with style I might add! That took some time to get all of those names at the end! Kudos to you! Happy New Year and I hope to get back to reading more of your posts in 2009.

    Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

    An outstanding job. I will accept the tag. Not that I know much about memes. But I do know funny and this was a riot! I hope the kids don't drive you nuts...

    Akelamalu said...

    Oh your answers are too funny - how can I compete?

    I suppose I'll have to won't I if I don't want to spend time in the dungeon! I'll do it next week.

    You will keep my grass skirt clean won't you? ;)

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Giggles- I'll get your cot ready downstairs. Sigh.

    kathleenmaher said...

    Hey Mimi, Happy New Year! I'm returning to earth but still fear this time I really do have the eternal migraine.

    If peeps equate doing your memes with competing with you, it will be the end of memes. It would never occur to me--competing with Queen!

    PS. The Universe? Guess I'll soon be meeting extra-terrestrials here in the dungeon's hot tub. Oh, and last night's spider souffle was delicious. Who's complaining?

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Meleah - And flies! Who could forget flies!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    avtcoach - Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed.

    ♥georgie♥ said...

    You are Hysterical!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Bud - Watch your email. You won't believe the day I've already had.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Akelamalu - The skirt is adorable and I'm enjoying it. People look at me strangely in the grocery store but what the heck.
    I'll take care of it.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Kathleen - Sorry about the migraine. They can be brutal. I would never throw you in the dungeon with a headache. Do you want to borrow my borrowed grass skirt?
    It will make you feel better.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Georgie- Thank you!

    Sandee (Comedy +) said...

    Excellent job my Queen.

    May I have the cell next to Giggles? I don't want to do this meme either. Way too teenager for me. Just saying. I think this will be my first stay in your dungeon. You aren't the cook are you? Bwahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

    Summer said...

    Geez. That's a lot of tags. OH, and a dishwasher is not a splurge gift. That falls under home reno. You need to buy yourself those diamonds ;) with flowers and an anonymous card, of course!!

    Daisy said...

    Oh dear, it seems I am destined for the dungeon again! May I bring my pink sleeping bag?

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Sandee - I have a special batch of "cookies" brewing....just for you......

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Summer - Perhaps I should go shopping soon.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Daisy - Will you eat all the mice down there? It would be a big help.....I think there are a few lizards too.

    Bond said...

    Sorry, I can not do this meme it has more than 5 questions and I am forbidden to do memes of more than 5 questions

    HAPPY NEW YEAR though


    Mimi Lenox said...

    Uh huh....Just cause you're engaged doesn't mean you can escape the dungeon - the lovely Nancy, yes - but not you. I see how it is.

    Jean-Luc Picard said...

    What's with the weird squares, Miss Pencilskirt? Your computer having an off-day?

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Jean=Luc - I do not see weird squares.....where do you see them?

    Margo Moon said...

    You're on such a roll!!!

    I swear, each and every question I thought I had a smart-alecky remark for, you just slam-dunked it. Mark this one as Classic Mimi.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Margo - Awww...and thank you. And enjoy the Link Love, my friend!

    The Gal Herself said...

    I laughed at your responses but I felt a little guilty as I read one because, well, truth time here. I hope you'll still respect me ... I sent myself flowers once. From an imaginary beau. I wanted one of my coworkers to report the event to my real beau (aka "the living piece of shit," as he was dubbed by my oldest friend). HEY! I was in my 20s! I only did it once! I was swept away on waves of sturm und drang!

    OK. (Bows head) I'll report to the dungeon now. I'm going peacefully. No need for the cuffs.

    Anonymous said...

    Whew! Done!
    BTW-Thank you very much for the laughs. This has been one of those days that your blog is the only bright spot. I think I scared a couple of co-workers...

    Shannon H. said...

    Throw me into the dungeon please! Then I wont have to go to work.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Gal - Did the living piece of shit notice? Just wondering......bwaahhahha.

    Cuffs! I knew I forgot something at the store this afternoon!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Autumn - I do my best. Glad you giggled. That makes me smile.
    I just read your meme. It was witty and funny. You brought your A game today!

    No dungeon for you!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Shannon - Sometimes you just crack me up.

    Shannon H. said...

    Hehe I try to please you my Queen :P

    PS: I played along! and renamed the meme to "Mimi Tags The Universe"

    Starrlight said...

    I shall do this one just as soon as I finish my multi-part post on my wild European vacation.

    The cuddle one is damn easy. Rob Pattinson for the win. Grr, Baby, Grr!!

    katherine. said...

    can I have a different meme....PULEEZE

    this one is....I dunno...something is wrong with this one...sending yourself stuff and all...

    I don't want to go to the dungeon....

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Shannon - Your answers were awesome and I learned you are a grrr...grr...grrrr.....I can't say it. Not even for you.

    But you did inspire me ya know..

    Julie said...

    I wanna be silly like you! If I keep complimenting you will you extend some mercy?

    Wink wink!!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Starr - You know I totally ripped you off (in a modified sort of flattery way) with the "man/relationship cleanse" of which you speak. I'm still looking for a bottle of that stuff.

    I loved your candid vacation story today. Do you mind if I live blogariously through you?

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Katherine - This was was juvenile and easy to spoof. You are excused, since you asked nicely.

    (Don't start with me, people! K is going through a busy time right now. I'm extending mercy.....)
    So let it be written.
    So let it be done.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Julie - I'm waaaiiiitttiinnggg..........

    Mimi Lenox said...

    I'm silly?

    Starrlight said...

    Feel free, God knows I do. I look back sometimes and have to remind myself that was me. I feel like John Cusack's sister in Say Anything, " I was fun, wasn't I?!"

    Linda said...

    Being that this meme is longer than my first marriage, I am going to use my "Get Out of the Dungeon Free" pass on this one and pass on this one!

    Besides, all those questions about "significant others" has put me into a tailspin of depression from which I find it impossible to blog!

    Finding Pam said...

    Why Mime? Why me? Please not meee! I am not funny like you are.

    I do hang with a lot of teenagers, so maybe I can get some help. lol Although, I may never get out of the dungeon especially if I do this meme, Mimi.

    You are the Queen of the memes! I am very scared of the dark and mice.

    JHS said...

    I've been down here a long time. It's cold, dark, and damp. I am ready to come out.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Starr - Thank you!

    Linda - " Being that this meme is longer than my first marriage" totally cracked me up.
    Significant others are great blog fodder, Linda. Blog away. Good for the soul.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Pam - I'm afraid of mice too. I give. OK. You're off the hook. But just so ya know, I'm working on another one as we blogspeak.
    I don't know what's come over me lately.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    JHS - Great! I can't wait to read it! Thank you.

    Don't let the light hurt your eyes when you see daylight for the first time.

    Speedcat Hollydale said...

    I secretly said to take off the hat on other blogs, but had not yet seen the smokin HOT dungeon photo.


    It is my memin` list My Queen. I will do this one in Jameeze.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Eric - You're the only guy to comment on my dungeon hat. Extra hugs for you!

    I knew you were blogging in your jammies. I just knew it. You're gonna Photoshop it, aren't you......

    Speedcat Hollydale said...

    ... all my photos are original

    he heeeee

    Don said...

    OK, I did the meme, despite being late to the game AND (snif) NOT on your list of the TAGGED! An oversight, I hope?

    My answers.

    Travis said...

    Seriously? You have a thought that a 16 year old boy might not like cars?

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